Users Search For Specific Brands, Have To Scroll Past Competing Services From Google

    March 13, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Website owners often complain that Google is pushing organic results down the search results pages by putting its own services at the top. Google’s response is something like, “You’re the corkscrew, and we’re the Swiss Army Knife.”

One of our readers, by the way, had this to say in response, “Got it backwards google… knowledge graph is totally the corkscrew… fits awkwardly and you only need it once every 3 years or so and half the time it breaks the cork.”

But now Google is even going so far as to put its own services in ads that appear above websites on searches for those sites’ actual brand names. That’s just messed up. Here you can see this in action with Google’s car insurance comparison tool appearing as “sponsored” over MoneySuperMarket. As illustrated in this Search Engine Roundtable article, this occurs on a an actual search for “moneysupermarket”.

Google is also doing this on results for confused.com.

Google launched the car insurance comparison tool in the UK in 2012, and then in France last year. Clearly they’re going above and beyond just trying to help users compare quotes, and into directly competing with specific brands that users are actually looking for.

Remember when Google was a search engine?

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  • http://grovetimes.com GroveTimes.com

    Ask.com did something similar for a time by putting all of their paid search results at the top. Didn’t work out very well for them, and how often do people use their Swiss army knives anyway, like once a quarter?

  • jon

    I would favour using Moneysupermarket.com – they are a UK company they actually know the market (unlike Google who just skim the surface) and they pay their taxes in the UK unlike Google who trade in my country but do not benefit it and even have the damn arrogance to stand up to my elected government and argue the case that that are not dodging tax when clearly they are – Shop local !!!