Users Ok With Online Video Ads

    September 24, 2007

A new survey by TNS, a market insight and information group, finds that online video has become a compelling medium for both broad viewer audiences as well as relevant advertiser messages.

The survey found that 75 percent of respondents said they were watching more online video than they did a year ago and 52 percent anticipated watching more online video over the next year,

The survey, sponsored by AOL and Google, also found a general acceptance among users for online video ads. Sixty-three percent said they favor having video sites include ads to keep the content free.

"This study confirms that consumers accept video advertising in exchange for a free viewing experience, which is good news for advertisers," said David Klein, Vice President of TNS. "As with advertising across all media, if the video advertising is relevant, it can contribute to and enhance an engaging media experience, not impair it."

Eighty-four percent of respondents said they watch online videos when its convenient, and 57 percent said that online video offers a lot of control over content. Over half (54%) said they often view videos sent to them by friends and family, while 47 percent said they like sharing online video with others.

"The online video viewing experience puts the viewer in the driver’s seat, allowing the user to decide not only what they see and when, but also enabling them to easily share content with others with the click of a mouse," added Klein.

"For marketers, targeting and segmentation can play a critical role in ensuring video advertisements are equally engaging as the content consumers are viewing. This gives marketers the opportunity to build compelling and viral brand experiences."

When it comes to online video ads 78 percent of respondents said that online video ads provide as good of a chance to learn about an advertiser as TV. Sixty-four percent said they had taken some action after seeing an online video ad, including visiting a company’s Web site (44%), searching for more information about a product or service (33%), going to a bricks & mortar store to look at a product (22%), or talking to friends/family about the product (21%).

"These statistics have a compelling message for marketers: just by leveraging the online video medium for communicating a message, your company’s brand benefits," notes Klein from TNS.