Useful Scripts for your Business

    August 29, 2006

Anyone who is managing a business would have a wish list similar to this: a demand for a product or service that he or she provides, a streamlined base of operations in making and providing the product or service, besting the competition with a plan of action, having loyal customers, having even loyal employees and getting timely information relevant to the business.

The Herculean undertaking of putting all of these together is another predicament to be sorted out. No matter how you look at it, actually completing and implementing this list is in no way easy. So what does a good entrepreneur do? He delegates the tasks to people so he can deal with the more important portion of running his or her business.

The delegation of work to other people, of course, is only good if you have people to delegate to as in the case of large enterprises. If you don’t have people or enough people to pass the work to, you can always ask for outside help, which in most cases works out better and much more economical.

Websites are essential in today’s businesses. It serves as an inexpensive conduit from the manufacturer to the customers and vice versa. The efficient and cost-effective manner by which customers are able to interact with the company via a website is invaluable. The site already contains all the vital information that a prospective or existing client might need.

From the manufacturers point of view, having a website enables them to manage the information their customers should know about their product or service by putting up tailor made links to exact client needs. Every little detail that they see fit from product specifications to ordering information can be seen in a nice layout and the client can analyze a fully searchable database of appropriate information about the product or service. For the customers, what they get is a 24/7 information reservoir about the product or service that they need. Queries can be answered via a public forum post or a private message and even through email.

Being the busy entrepreneur that you are, I am pretty certain that you don’t have time to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL etc. to make your website communicate with your customers, receive orders and generally create a homey look and feel for it. That’s where purchasing (this would be the outside help I was referring to earlier) very affordable prepared scripts or short programs come in handy. These ready-made codes will permit your ordinary website to receive orders from your customers. It will even allow you to receive comments, suggestions, and complaints for Customer Service functions. Best of all, you don’t need to know a single programming language to use scripts, that’s because you won’t even be writing a single line of code.

One more thing you don’t need to worry is software incompatibility. Since scripts are interpreted codes, it does not matter if you or your customers are running different versions of OSX, Windows, Linux or any other operating system because scripts are fully portable. Utilizing scripts will smoothen your website operations leaving you with more time for other much more important endeavors, time with your family or friends.

Tom Takihi is the proud owner of the Gorilla Scripts website. To get these useful scripts- some even for free, please visit: