Usain Bolt Says He's Not Invincible, Is Still Confident He'll Win The Worlds


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Usain Bolt is said to be the fastest man alive. The Jamaican sprinter will tell you that he's fast, but he doesn't want it going to his head.

Bolt is currently training for the World Championships in Athletics in Moscow where he'll compete against some of the best runners in the world. It should be a cinch for the accomplished runner, right? Bolt says that he's confident in his ability, but he cautions that there are plenty of things that could go wrong:

''I never said I'm invincible. 'When I'm in great shape and I'm at the top of my game, I'm very confident that no one can beat me because I know what I'm capable of. But you can be beaten. There's times when you get injuries, there's times when you're off your game. There's so many different scenarios that can happen.''

Still, Bolt has a pretty good chance at winning the world championships next month. He has the second best 200 meter time this year with 19.79 seconds. Tyson Gay holds the best time at 19.74. Neither time touches Bolt's world record of 19.19 seconds on the 200-meter though.

As for the World Championships, the event record was set in 1990 at 20.01 seconds by Michael Johnson. He's already proven that he can beat that time, but will he beat it at the event? After all, he missed the record by a hair in 2011 with a time of 20.03. He saw further setbacks earlier this year when he lost the 100 meter to Justin Gatlin at Rome's Golden Gala. He says that he's not going to let it get him down though:

''I'm really trying to get back on target, trying to get up to speed. I'm feeling great in training, I'm running pretty well. I have a few more weeks to go.''

You'll be able to watch Bolt potentially make history at The World Championships in Athletics. The event begins on August 10 and will last through August 18.

[Image: Nick Webb/flickr] [h/t: AP]