USA Today On Blogs

    May 25, 2005

USA Today brings us an exhausting, but funny, article from Kevin Maney on blogging’s over exposure.

The 825-word article mentions the word blog 80 times, nearly 10 percent of the article, to note the effusive evangelism of our favorite push-button publishing platform needs a reality check.


By mentioning the article, I’m taking the “echo chamber bait” he floats out there:

In fact, let’s create an Alice in Wonderland moment: I’m writing about reading about my columns in blogs, which bloggers will inevitably post.

So now, I’ll be able to read a blog about my writing about me reading about my writing in blogs.

I’m fulfilling his prophecy as the article is a funny, friendly and necessary reminder to be pragmatic about the whole B-phenomenon because, as most know, we’ve all seen this before. Not to mention, Maney gets cool points for tying it all back to Monty Python and the magical, mystery meat.

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