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The uniforms that Team USA will wear during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games to be held next month in Sochi, Russia, have been unveiled.

Designed by Ralph Lauren, the new Olympic uniforms are brimful of stars and stripes with lots of red, white and blue.  Take one look at the team's outfits and there is absolutely no mistaking what country is being represented. As usual, Ralph Lauren managed to give the clothing a classic look that many would identify as pure Americana.

The new uniforms have also attracted a lot of reaction from the public but not everybody seems to like them.


USA hockey team member Julie Chu was more approving. In her opinion the outfits underline the patriotic spirit of the United States.

“What I really enjoy when [I] look at it is I can see the patriotic spirit. When everyone’s wearing it together, it makes a bold statement.” Chu said.

Speaking of patriotism...Ralph Lauren Corp wised up this year by not making the uniforms in China like it did for the ones worn in the Summer Olympics. This year the clothes will have a Made in America label as they have all been produced locally.

The patchwork cardigan outfits were made with wool from Oregon and spun in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. It was then knitted in California.

With the American flag at the center of the uniform, it also features conspicuous Olympic rings and big stars. Underneath, you'll see a cream cotton turtleneck, black leather boots and white athletic pants. The designer also threw in a wool “reindeer hat”. Of course the hat is red, white and blue too, with braided tassels.

In a statement delivered Thursday, the company said: “A dynamic mix of patriotic references in a classic color palette of red, white and navy defines the Ralph Lauren 2014 Team USA Opening ceremony uniform, which is proudly Made in America.”

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