US IT Spending to Grow

    October 4, 2004

After three years of sluggish IT spending, signs of a market turnaround are beginning to appear around the world.

Using comparative estimates from leading industry analysts and research firms, this report provides a comprehensive look at exactly how technology spending will unfold in 2004. Find out what you need to know about this vast and reenergized market in this new IT Spending report.

The IT Spending report provides readers with a comprehensive look at what to expect from technology spending in 2004. These forecasts cover regional, national, and industry-specific markets, as well as IT spending estimates for key segments of the overall technology market:

— Telecommunications

— Hardware

— Software

— IT Services

The report also aggregates data from numerous IT spending surveys, for better insight into the spending priorities of IT executives for the coming year. It examines IT spending trends from the last half of 2003 into early 2004, and breaks down CIOs’ spending projections by category.

The report is comprehensive with regional coverage divided into North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America. Within each regional section, country-specific forecast data or commentary is included for select markets of Canada, the United States, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, Brazil and Mexico.

Among the aggregated information in this report are the following key findings:

— Worldwide IT spending is expected to grow by between 4% and 6% in 2004

— China, India and South Korea are the fastest-growing markets in the Asia-Pacific region, collectively accounting for 80% of incremental IT spending growth in 2004, according to IDC

— Software spending is set to lead worldwide IT spending growth in 2004, while hardware spending is expected to recover from dismal growth during 2003

— Increased end-user demand and limited capacity are the key drivers behind corporate IT spending growth in 2004

— Offshore IT outsourcing has been a positive experience for the few US companies that have sent some IT work overseas

What follows is an example of the type of broad-based, comparative information you will find in the report:

North America IT Spending Forecasts

With North American IT spending estimated at 39.6% of worldwide IT spending in 2003, the Aberdeen Group predicts that IT spending by the United States and Canada will increase by 5.0% in 2004, to reach $525 billion by the end of this year.

By comparison, IDC estimated in December 2002 that North American IT spending on hardware, software and services would total $407.2 billion at the end of 2003, prior to growing an additional 6.8% in 2004 to reach $435.1 billion.

On its own, US IT and telecommunications spending is forecast by Gartner Dataquest to come in at $919.3 billion in 2004, an increase of 6.4% over 2003 spending of $863.9 billion.

In another comparative estimate that includes spending on IT employees’ salaries and benefits, Forrester Research estimates that technology spending in the United States will total $752 billion in 2004, an increase of 4.4% over 2003 IT spending of $720 billion.

Forrester also predicts that US IT spending will grow by another 5.7% in 2005, to reach $795 billion.

You will find many charts, graphs, comparisons and analysis inside the IT Spending report.

Compare IT Spending Numbers in One Handy Report

Bringing together the latest research from leading researchers around the globe, including the Aberdeen Group, AMR Research, Forrester, Gartner, IDC, Morgan Stanley and SIIA, and combining it with these latest projections and analysis, the IT Spending report gives you a clear, complete and in-depth picture of this vast and complex market — so you can make smart, informed decisions about the future of your business or investments.

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