US Intellectual Property Official Asks Sixth-Graders For Help

    June 1, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Under Secretary Jon Dudas discussed illegal downloading and software piracy with Utah schoolkids recently.

Mr. Dudas made his remarks at the Legacy Elementary School in American Fork, Utah. He asked the children and their parents to do what they can to help stem the tide of global IP piracy.

US Intellectual Property Official Asks Sixth-Graders For Help

Downloading or copying games, music, or movies is illegal, Mr. Dudas stated to the assembled crowd. He cited the new “Revenge of the Sith” video game as an item likely to be illegally downloaded.

“Illegally copying computer games, DVDs and other products is just as wrong as stealing these items from the store,” Dudas said.

His appearance and remarks were intended to help youngsters recognize the value of non-tangible items of value. Mr. Dudas encouraged the assembled group to respect the property of others.

The visit was part of the US Patent and Trademark Office larger ongoing anti-piracy effort. The Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy initiative focuses on the criminal networks that traffic in pirated and stolen intellectual property items.

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