US Airways Blamed For Holiday Disruptions

    March 3, 2005

A U.S. government inspector has placed the blame for holiday flight disruptions on US Airways.

The disruptions for 560,000 passengers resulted 72,000 baggage complaints.

According to a Miami Herald article,

“Managers at US Airways, which is trying to emerge from its second bankruptcy, knew they were short staffed heading into the Dec. 22-28 holiday period, particularly in Philadelphia, Kenneth Mead, inspector general of the U.S. Transportation Department, said in a report. The carrier’s plans to adjust to the shortage ”did not work,” he said.

The delays came during the busiest holiday period in four years, as US Airways and other carriers were trying to boost revenue to help recover from losses that have totaled $33 billion since 2000. Philadelphia is US Airways’ second-largest hub.”

”This can’t really help US Airways at all,” said Business Travel Coalition chairman Kevin Mitchell. ”…anything that can potentially result in less revenue hampers their ability to get out” of bankruptcy.

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