Unlock Adword Secrets with Keyword Generation

    November 16, 2004

While there are many ways to make your home-based, internet marketing business soar, there are few that are as easy to start as Google Adwords.

This week we continue with the final article in our ‘Google Adwords Will Change the World’ series. If you didn’t catch the other two, check them out here: www.build-passive-income.com/subscribe

Google Adwords Will Change the World? Maybe and maybe not, but I’ll bet that if you put in the time and effort, they’ll change YOUR world. They have mine. Besides, they’re a fun way to be creative and lucrative at the same time.

This week we talk about generating keywords. Next to finding the right Affiliate product to promote, finding the right keywords can be the most difficult part of your Adwords experience. Not to worry, however, because there are an increasing number of tools and sources for you to generate a good, solid keyword list. Sit down, grab a legal pad, and let’s get moving.

The absolute most important resource you have is easy. It’s you. When you come up with a product to promote, pretend you were trying to look for whatever need the product satisfies. What would you look up? When you’re typing the most obvious keywords, what else comes to mind? Is the keyword or phrase tough to spell? Make sure you use the misspelling as well. You aren’t the only one that stumbles on tough words.

Then come the keyword generators. There are a bunch of good sites that will help you in your quest to find good keywords. There are the free: Google’s keyword suggestion tool, Overture’s keyword suggestion tool, and Google’s Set tool that will give you additional ideas. Then, there are the not-so-free, but very good: Adword Analyzer, WordTracker (with a free version available), and others.

Next, make sure that you are trying all the different variations of the word. Did you use plural and singular? How about pushing the phrase together with no spaces, like `runningshoes’ instead of `running shoes.’ Depending on the word or phrase there can be a ton of misspellings or common typos, like `learn to play gitar’ (where guitar is obviously spelled incorrectly). Don’t forget the good, ole Thesaurus. That resource never fails to give me new ideas for the words I’m bidding on.

Also, if your product has a large internet presence, use the URL as a search term. You would be surprised how many people type the web address into their search engine instead of the web browser address bar. Example: for a music related campaign, try `www music com.’ It might just be cheap and popular.

If your product could be geographic, use location names. For instance, if you’re promoting an ebook on learning Spanish, try keywords in different cities such as `learn Spanish in Chicago’ or `Las Vegas Spanish lessons.’

If your product can be associated with a person of any notoriety, use their name as a keyword even if they don’t have anything to do with the product. For example, you may be trying to promote a book that teaches drumming. One of your keywords, might be `Vinnie Colaiuta,’ a huge name in drumming for several decades. Even though he has nothing to do with the ebook, people searching for Vinnie may also be searching for an instructional book like the one you are promoting.

Honestly, these tools and ideas only scratch the surface of where you can find good, cheap, and effective keywords for your Adwords campaigns. Does it take work that sometimes seems fruitless? Yes, but there are times when you find the right product with the right keywords and then the money streams in like broken dam. They’re out there just waiting for you to pick them up.

Remember, be good to yourself and never underestimate the power associated with the intensity of your passion.

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