Unemployment Extension Possible in 2014?

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The million or more people who will no longer be seeing unemployment checks – money that has kept food on the table – are unsure of how they will survive.

However, the possible good news is that next week, as early as Monday, Senate Democrats will move to vote on a three month extension for unemployment benefits for the 1.3 million people who lost them just after Christmas.

But presently, people are scrambling, trying to figure out how they are going to pay bills and feed their families. Many are talking about selling cars, moving, taking minimum wage work and pawning personal items in an effort to try to stay afloat.

Greg and Barbara Chastain of Huntington Beach, Calif., put their two teenagers on the school lunch program and cut back on dining out after losing their T-shirt company in June following a dispute with an investor.

They’ve exhausted their state unemployment benefits and now that the federal extensions are gone, unless they find jobs the couple plan to take their children out of their high school in January and relocate 50 miles east where a relative owns property so they can save on rent.

“We could let one of our cars go, but then you can’t get to work — it’s a never-ending cycle,” 43-year-old Greg Chastain said while accompanying his wife to an Orange County employment center. He said they eventually might try their luck in a less expensive state like Arizona or Texas if he can land a manufacturing job there.

The five-year program extension that provided for the longer-term unemployed (6 months or more) ended and is going to hurt hundreds of thousands who still have not found jobs. The federal government program provided an average monthly stipend of $1,166.

Obama and the Democrats in Congress are not in favor of ending the program, but the extensions were dropped due to a budget deal struck with Republican lawmakers earlier this month who want the $26 million annual cost eliminated.

Obama reprimanded congressional Republicans for abandoning Americans and allowing their lifeline – unemployment – to expire on December 28th, stating the restoration of those benefits should be lawmakers’ “first order of business” when they return from their holiday break.

“Just a few days after Christmas, more than one million of our fellow Americans lost a vital economic lifeline – the temporary insurance that helps folks make ends meet while they look for a job,” he said in his weekly address. “And for many of their constituents who are unemployed through no fault of their own, that decision will leave them with no income at all.

“And denying families that security is just plain cruel,” he added. “We’re a better country than that. We don’t abandon our fellow Americans when times get tough – we keep the faith with them until they start that new job.”

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Unemployment Extension Possible in 2014?
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  • GN

    5 Jan 14
    I have read numerous comments on both sides; let me say this if I may;I recently became on of many to lose a job. By no fault of my
    own. I work in a Free Standing Ambulatory Surg Center. I assist the
    surgeon with instruments etc (M*A*S*H* any other medical drama)

    A group of Surgeons left the center and the patient load was reduced in a blink of an eye. The whole center of 15 dedicated staff members were turned out in the streets. They now only have less than 5 full time staff members since the departure of the Docs.

    My point is that I have applied at numerous Hospitals and other areas of concern faithfully. Medicine is now a business like any other business in America.

    For as you can see even Nurse,Tech’s are not protected from the Hatchet. For all those out there; remember there are 8 Million stories in the Naked City. Iam just one.

    In closing you hear many people say “You are blessed if you have a Job” NO; God said all of us must toil in the field. It is a blessing to have your health/ sound mind so you may get up and go to work.

    P.S. Oh did I mention that I am a Navy Veteran who has cared for the sick/wounded in the defense of our country.

  • Baphomet

    no worrys people ,big brutha already has new improved prisons to put all the un employed people .this place will have work for you and you will earn money,so your problems will be solved shortly,just keep talking shit & doing nothing ,cause thats when they take over COMPLETELY.

  • http://none satish k nayyar

    I think the concerned authorities should help unemployed people to sanction soft loan to establish small scale businssss and also help in offering varios subsidies to the needy ones

  • Rich

    My benefits ended in March of 2013 without any extension and unemployment was around 7.9%. No one cared how I paid my bills, so why should I care how they pay theirs. Extending it for three months is just prolonging the agony. Go out an get one of those great low paying dead end jobs that are all that’s available to us in the country today. That’s what I had to do, I now make less than half of what I used to make. There are no jobs being created, at least good paying jobs with a future. This is the new America, the only thing left are service jobs that cater to the rich people in this country. I’m glad I’m close to retirement, I’ve had enough!

    • http://yahoo jcm

      “No one cared how I paid my bills, so why should I care how they pay theirs”

      Exactly this statemet right here is the countries MAIN problem. I felt the same way in the past. But I realized I was wrong,we need to help feed, we need to help educate,we need to help devolope skills. This is all common sense for a stable civilazation thats what matters.

  • Jon

    Baphomet??? Don’t you need to be 18 years old to voice your opinion you ignorant fuck. Go watch nick jr so adults can resolve this real issue.

  • Remo

    Well I am a union man in pa and I do pay into my unemployment because it states it on my pay stubs from working in power plants and I need unemployment to survive the months I’m layed off. I can’t just get another job so it’s not being lazy people.

  • http://yahoo jcm


    this is 3 minutes long, I personally think this sums up politics and humanity perfectly.

    I would like feedback on this speach, How can this even be argued? Some politician standing infront of a chart or graph on TV has made so many of you ditestable

    Dont make a argument to help starve people, There are alot of kids at risk that people are discounting just effortlessly. Is this really what we become? Is this really the person you want to be? If I was selfish and unempathetic i wouldn’t be able to look in the mirror and see a decent person.

    I a ashamed to be an American right now.

  • holly

    I would like to say, I had to draw unemployment after my business closed. I’m not proud of that but I had no chose as a single mother. I got unemployed at a very bad time. No one had work it seemed. And when asked what I made at jobs that pay less they wouldn’t hire me. Temp services told me I over qualifed and even told me I didn’t have the experience they needed. I was so ashame. I have a college degree I can’t pay for and not one time has it been asked for. I have lost all my hope. Now I’ve sold my home, lost my car to look for job, my kids have to stay with their father. And I don’t have anyone so I have to pay for weekly hotel. I can’t even get health insurance or food stamps. Now I can’t pay for my room and still no calls on my resumes. I don’t have any hope left if my check is gone for good. I was saving for cash car with what I could put back. But that hope is gone. For what my company to close and put me in this world like that. So for those that saypeople abuse the system. Not all of them, I really needed that help. I want to work, but no one will hire me. And I’m sure I’m not alone. I guess I got to look into moving when I can now or be homeless.

  • Angeline Smith

    I have worked on one job for 32 years last year I was laid off for lack of work and now my unemployment have stopped. I feel like all those years that I worked and paid my taxes that I should receive unemployment for more than a year. What did I work for or who did I work for. We need our unemployment we worked for it so why not receive it.

    • http://twellow Broken

      I agree, we pay our taxes like the good Americans we are but where does are money go if we can’t use it when we need help. No businesses want to hire educated experienced people. They would rather hire kids that just want money to pay for a car so they can have money to go out an get f****d up.

  • http://webpronews Annie


  • http://twellow Broken

    I worked for a company for 15 years. I got hurt at work, and had to have emergency back surgery. I was terminated for claiming a work injury. Thrown out on the street with no paycheck or insurance. I’ve had to rehab myself and now this. The politicians that do not want to approve funding are the ones that should have their paycheck cut off, have their funds exhausted and see how the system works for them. I have been looking for work everyday even though I should be concentrating on getting better, but nobody wants to hire someone that walks with a cane. What good is this government.

  • vivian degaetano

    It is shocking the amount of venom spewed by those with jobs at the jobless. Do you think people would be losing all they own if there were another choice. Are people going into foreclosure because they’re lazy? Unemployment is only 26 weeks now, not 99 weeks. Ask yourself, if you were unemployed and collecting approximately $400- per week and had to pay for benefits on your own- how long could you last, and how quickly could you find a job Until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, be careful about being so judgmental.

  • melissa

    most of the people on here spouting hate are those that have trust funds, work in family business and have no clue what’s its like to pay your own way through college or life. Its easy to criticize others when you have mommy and daddy to depend on for a life line. The rest of us who’ve worked and paid taxes don’t have such lifelines. I worked for 30 years made a 6 figure income and paid on average more than $150k a year in taxes, yes in just taxes. I never depended on anyone. After suffering a heart attach and stroke it didn’t take long to go through a 7 figure savings and investment account. i lost everything, others lived off my tax dollars and now that I truly need help from my government I get absolutely nothing. I don’t expect anything but it would be nice for any handout.

    it could happen to anyone of us, except those with trust funds. They don’t have to look for unemployment, as long as they can work for mom and dad and have their trust funds they are exempt. They have the right to put others down, human compassion is not acceptable to them, they are the privileged elite. May God bless them

  • Kate

    There will always be people who will take advantage of the system BUT, we have worked our entire life and now at 58 years old both my husband and myself are out of work and our unemployment is exhausted. My mother fell ill and I moved her into my home and paid off her expenss prior to our layoff which left us vulnerable. Without an extension I am not sure what we are going to do. We spend over 10 hours day sending out resumes and looking for jobs These extensions are a GOD SEND and the only way we are going to survive until we can find work.

    • jessica


  • http://Google Ronald

    You make me sick the peaple that need this the most have a hard enough time making when the econome is good you want to turn your backs on them your the reason the econome is the way it is you seam to forget those lower class workers are a big part of what got your business where it is you dont deserve your business you are a foolish American I hope you loose every thing you own

  • jessica

    People need 2 be more considerate 4 da peopke who is workiin n got laid off n need money 2 survive n keep shelter 4 their children. ..so yes they should exstend unemployment n help da needs of family dat is in need…till a job is found…tymes are hard n cost of livin is hard 2…people need 2 open their eyes n look at things…speacially people wit children..

  • Jasmine

    Congress really need to stop playing ping pong with the lives of people who are unemployed. Never has this been my lifestyle of choice. I recently lost my Head Start teaching job due to budget cuts once again government involved politics to say where money would be better spent. Let me tell you what I think about saving billions of dollars for our economy. First of all we the general public of the United States should not be paying for hotels, mistresses, college tuition rates for children of politicians, we should not have to pay for gym equipment to accommodate individuals in congress just as the general public have to exercise after working hours much the same should apply to congress, we shouldn’t have to pay for luxury cars or meals for anyone just as we have to pack a lunch or buy our own food the same goes for congress, during these hard economic times we need to speak up against bonuses that congress so readily accept while us tax payers suffer in the American failing economy!

  • Jackie

    they need to extend the unemployment!!! Im tired of hearing how LAZY ppl who get unemployment are.. Its not the fact that this country PLAYS captain save a HOE to every other country but its own! We sent how much money over to the ppl who lost everything in the TYPHOON! there was tv marathon's EVERYTHING!! where is that now for OUR COUNTRY??? What about the PEOPLE on WELFARE their ENTIRE LIFE! they get cash and food stamps and are NEVER ASKED TO WORK! so our fkn tax dollars go towards those lazy a** ppl! when you need it tho to damn bad!! how many of you ppl know a person who gets DISABILITY THAT DOESNT NEED IT????????? or who put their damn kids on PILLS CAUSE THEY ARE HYPER??????????????? this country is so damn messed up! let the older AMERICANS STRUGGLE THROUGH HARD TIMES! LET THEM LOOSE EVERYTHING THEY WORKED HARD FOR!! JUST SO YOU CAN GIVE TO THE PEOPLE WHO DONT WANT TO WORK! AND WHO DONT WORK FOR SH**!! WHO GET EVERYTHING HANDED TO THEM!

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