Uncommon Uses – SMS Based Interfaces

    March 6, 2007

Beyond voice, probably the simplest and most ubiquitous technology on the mobile phone is text (SMS), North America has been a bit of a laggard adopting this technology but in the last year or so has really started to use text.

I think the voting on American Idol might have been one part of the tipping point for texting in the US. I’ve certainly seen a rise in the amount of people using text, but being in San Francisco my experience may not be mainstream. Here’s some interesting text interfaces:

  • Starbucks has just announced an sms based service to find stores in your area, just text your zipcode to 697289 (’MYSBUX) , and they text you back with 3 store locations.

Any other uncommon uses for SMS messaging you know of? leave a comment or email me.



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