Uncle Poodle Says June Is Lying About Relationship With Sex Offender


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The drama surrounding the Honey Boo Boo scandal continues to grow, and while Uncle Poodle and June have been giving conflicting stories to the media all along, Uncle Poodle recently came out and said that June is simply lying about everything.

Uncle Poodle has allegedly tried to sell information and stories to the media and he has been taking advantage of all of the attention the scandal has brought him. He recently appeared on the Dr. Phil show, where he shared his side of the story and talked about June.

"The truth on the whole thing is June is lying," Poodle told Dr. Phil. "She tells everyone that [she and Mark] haven’t seen each other and that the photos are photoshopped. It’s a big lie."

Uncle Poodle even claimed that he was present the first time June met up with the sex offender, but said he didn't know who the man was at the time.

"[June] came to me to go look at houses. It was on September 9," said Poodle. "I drove her up and she said she wanted to meet a friend. I took her to meet Mark. I did not know who Mark was in the beginning. I think it was the first time she had seen him since he got out of prison."

Poodle went on to say that during the meeting June's daughters Pumpkin and Alana were present and that both of the girls and June disappeared with the child molester, Mark McDaniel, at one point during the meeting.

He also said that June had no problem letting McDaniel around her girls and even said that he saw Alana curled up in bed with McDaniel once.

McDaniel went to prison for sexually molesting June's oldest daughter Anna. Anna admitted to being the victim a short time after information about the scandal was released to the public. June has denied that she has a relationship with McDaniel, but there have been photos and witnesses that say otherwise.

TLC canceled the family's popular reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo after they learned that there was a possible relationship between June and McDaniel.