Unabomber Writings To Be Sold Online

By: WebProNews Staff - January 13, 2009

Ted Kaczynski, more widely known as the Unabomber, got some bad news from a federal appeals court today: his writings are to be sold online.

Ted Kaczynski
 Ted Kaczynski

In prison for life, Kaczynski protested that he should keep control of his papers, but the ruling is an attempt to recoup part of the $15 million in restitution Kaczynski owes his victims and their families.

It will be interesting to see if the papers are sold via eBay, a government auction website, or some other channel, and equally as interesting will be who buys the papers and for how much.

You never know online. An NFC championship hot dog once sold for $1,800, but Sarah Palin’s poor unpardoned turkey only fetched a couple of hundred.

Just to get an idea of the Unabomber’s topics and writing style, and in case you missed it when published in 1995, you can read his manifesto online, which isn’t all that different from an Ann Coulter book.


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  • http://www.doggybehave.com/sitstayfetch-review.php sitstayfetch

    his still making money while his locked up, smart money making guy

    • http://www.stonerscolony.com FaTe

      you must have missed the part where $15million is due and himself personally saving money was not exactly the point of the sale on the books.

  • Paul

    Coulter is a right-winger and Kaczynski is a left-winger. Ideologically they are complete opposites.

    • Guest-ray

      either you haven’t read the unabomber’s manifesto or I missed something, If you read it, how in the world could you conclude he’s a left-winger? The manifesto is full of coulter-like spew against the left. Ted K. is a murderer and a right-winger, just like timmy mcveigh. Ann Coulter is just a hate-filled moron.

  • http://randomplaza.com Richard C Mongler

    I thought the unabomber died, hung himself by his underwear or something.