Ultra Bright Black Hole Discovered

    November 28, 2013
    Mike Fossum
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An ultraluminous black hole that exists in the neighboring Pinwheel Galaxy has been discovered by astronomers, which shines twice as bright as previously thought possible.

The ultra-bright object, which exists in a system called ULX-1, that resides about 22 million light-years from Earth, may alter traditional thinking regarding how black holes radiate energy. Joel Bregman of the University of Michigan said in a statement, “As if black holes weren’t extreme enough, this is a really extreme one that is shining as brightly as it possibly can. It’s figured out a way to be more luminous than we thought possible.”

The ULX-1 system, which includes the bright black hole, along with a companion star, is short for “ultraluminous X-ray source.” A team led by Jifeng Liu, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, has been studying ULX-1 using the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii and two NASA spacecraft, the Hubble Space Telescope and the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

ULX-1 generates extreme amounts of high-energy X-ray light, which is emitted by material on a downward spiral into the black hole’s maw. The light is so intense that astronomers initially figured that ULX-1 was an intermediate-mass black hole. Though, the latest findings suggest that the black hole is actually quite small by black hole standards. “Our findings may turn the trend of taking ultraluminous X-ray sources as promising intermediate black hole candidates,” Liu said in a statement.

Spectroscopic analysis has shown that the companion star in ULX-1 is a big, hot type known as a Wolf-Rayet star, coming in at 19 times the mass of the sun. It was also found that the star and the black hole orbit each other once every 8.2 days. This rate of orbit allowed Liu’s team to estimate the black hole’s mass at being between 20 to 30 times that of the sun. These measurements put ULX-1 at a stellar-size black hole range, not an intermediate one.

Though no middleweight black hole has been found regarding ULX-1, researchers believe that this intermediate-mass class makes up the building blocks of the supermassive black holes that exist in the center of most, if not all, galaxies.

Researchers likewise aren’t sure how the ULX-1 system manages to put off so much light. “Our work shows, based on our conclusion of a stellar mass black hole, that our understanding of the black hole radiation mechanism is incomplete and needs revision,” Liu said.

The full study appears in the journal Nature.

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  • Yep

    Who are we kidding. We know so little about space. Heck, we don’t even know everything about our own planet let alone space. I am not even sure we are being told all the information about our very own space program. It is like during Apollo 11. All the astronauts reported seeing an object in space. Everyone said it was a piece of “space debris” from a rocket. Only problem is that the debris was 6,000 miles away. To this day, NASA cannot explain it.

    My gut instinct is that when they went to the moon they saw something or went to see something already there. Once they got there they found what they were looking for. Then, when the got back, the real space program went into the black operation world. NASA is just a front to pacify the masses. It makes no sense for us to just stop going to the moon. It is like scoring a touchdown in the first quarter of a football game and then stopping.

    I also find it odd that during the space mission we actually got help from the Soviets. In fact, recently released documents show Kennedy actively trying to get the USSR to work with us throughout the entire process. Kennedy was no fool. If he was going to the Soviets for help or assistance, there was a big reason for him to do so. Really think about this. Wanting to team up with your literal worst enemy. The only time you do this is when you are threatened by an even worse enemy.

    My guess…. 10 days before Kennedy was assassinated he asked for all the files on UFOs. You put 2 and 2 together. Then Reagan years later, talks about the world coming together due to an extraterrestrial threat. Then he was almost killed.

    Coincidence …. maybe…. then again it is hard to buy the lone nut theory over and over again. People get killed for serious reasons…. rarely is violence just random acts of crazy people.

  • @Yep

    My guess is similar to yours. We all know government lies through its teeth. There really was no reason to stop going to space. They said it was for budgetary reasons. Shutdown the space program and save money. Well, shortly after stopping the space program, the black ops budgets exploded. We just recently saw that the day before 9/11 Rumsfeld said that the Pentagon lost 2.3 trillion dollars …. trillion …. that is not a misprint ….. it is hard to lose that kind of money …. unless it goes into the black programs….. and I hate to tell people …. fighting a bunch of poorly equipped terrorists in Afghanistan does not take trillions. It is like those phony Army commercials… the Taliban fighters have a machine gun on the back of a pickup truck and they are fighting America’s drones…. please….. the Taliban is a bunch of amateurs…. money is going into fighting something much bigger than some camel jockies in pickup trucks. America doesn’t know anything close to the truth. I think the people actually know that deep down inside.

  • @Yep

    Can you imagine what the world would be like if we were told that alien life actually exists? Heck, we can’t get along with our own neighbors in our own country let alone foreigners. What happens when the foreigners aren’t even from this planet.

    When you read the Bible, it is clear that people were here before creation. Many of the accounts like Ezekiel literally sound like alien landings. There are tons of accounts of flying machines in ancient texts from all the cultures on this planet. My guess is that people in the past were actually more advanced than we are today. They just destroyed themselves.

    Really think about that. Say we had a catastrophy today …. most of the population destoyed …. we would be back in the stone ages…. very few people really understand how technology works as a whole….. heck most people could not even make a sheet of paper to even write down our history let alone reestablish electricity and computers …. we would do exactly what the ancient peoples did … we would carry our story verbally ….. it would become distorted along the way …. fragmented ….. heck …. look at your daughters who do nothing but text on their cell phones…. do you think they could rebuild society? All they know how to do is text and type LOL. That no nothing of how the technology actually works.

    I am not an expert …. but it is clear that our “history” is not being fully told. I am not even sure we even know what the absolute truth is….