UK News Sites Getting Big Traffic from US

    September 22, 2009
    Chris Crum

British news sites are starting to see a lot more traffic from the US. UK Internet visits to News and Media websites grew by 8% last year according to Hitwise, and US Internet visits to UK News and Media sites have gone up by 54%.

"BBC News ranked as the 21st most visited News and Media website in US during August, while the Daily Mail was 47th and the BBC Homepage 65th," says Hitwise’s Robin Goad. Other British sites in the US News and Media top 200 last month included: the Telegraph (71st), the FT (115th), The Sun (117th), Times Online (131st) and the Guardian (134th)."

British News Sites traffic by country

Goad names sites like Digg and the Drudge Report as being key for driving US audiences to UK news sites. Google is the biggest driver of US traffic to British News sites, accounting for 13.5% of visits in August, and Drudge follows this, accounting for 10.6%. In third place is Google News, accounting for 5.3%.

According to Goad, email also plays a major role in driving US traffic to UK news sites – Yahoo! Mail (2.5%), Gmail (1.6%) and Hotmail (1.4%) all appeared in the top 10.

On a state-by-state basis, Californians are driving the most traffic to British news sites, followed by New Yorkers. "Slightly more surprising is the list of states that over index most as visitors to UK-based news sites, with Arizona and New Mexico ranking second and third after California," says Goad. "Residents of Wyoming are the least likely to visit."

I’d be curious to know what kind of traffic social networks like Twitter and Facebook have driven to these sites.