UK Interest In Blogs Stronger Than Ever

    June 10, 2008

It’s a great time to run a UK-oriented blog.  UK traffic levels to blogs and personal sites have taken a couple of deep dips over the past few years, but according to new Hitwise data, visits have now risen and reached a record high.

Robin Goad found that "Blogs and Personal Websites accounted for 1.19% of all UK traffic, equivalent to one in every 84 internet visits" last week.  He later continues, "[O]ver the last 3 years UK Internet traffic to [our] Blogs and Personal Websites category has increased by 208%, compared to 70% for News and Media."

Hitwise UK Data
 Hitwise Data On Record-Setting Blog Traffic
Photo Credit:(Hitwise)

Blogs aren’t about to replace the BBC, of course; News and Media sites remain over five times as popular as those belonging in the Blogs and Personal Websites category.  Still, the BBC is adapting – its Blog Network is listed among the "20 most visited Blogs and Personal websites in the UK" – and it’s interesting to see the comparative increase, regardless.

Assuming nothing changes in the near future, we may now be in store for several straight weeks or months of blog-related record-breaking.  Companies not already catering to the UK (or at least not keeping a well-updated UK blog) may become more inclined to do so, and overall AdSense earnings in the region might grow a little bit.

For the record, the market share of blogs in America doesn’t compare well with that of blogs in the UK (0.73 percent vs. 1.09 percent, respectively).