Ubisoft's Weird E3 Press Conference Finally Gets The Abridged Treatment


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It's now been more than a month since E3 wrapped in early June, but the folks at Video Gamer have been able to wring just a little bit more hilarity out of the world's largest gaming event.

Like always, Ubisoft had a weird press conference that was devoid of any coherence in favor of bad jokes and headache inducing strobe lights. In other words, it's ripe for mockery. It might be a little late, but Ubisoft's abridged presser was well worth the wait.

We're only missing EA now, but I don't know if you could actually make fun of that one. It was very business as usual with little to poke fun at. Still, if anybody can do it, the guys at VideoGamer can.

If you missed out on the previous abridged spoofs, you can check out Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo tomfoolery at their respective links.