U2 Puts New Song On Facebook

    November 16, 2007

U2 may or may not support Facebook more than MySpace, Bebo, and all the other social networks out there.  But it apparently has ties to the creators of a Facebook app called iLike, and the famous band has, in any event, made a previously unreleased song available on Mark Zuckerberg’s site.

BonoA video showing Bono singing “Wave of Sorrow” is also available through iLike.com (where you don’t need to sign up for anything in order to see it).  Here are links to both places, but to give you fair warning: the audio quality is pretty terrible, and I’m not sure the song is all that great, anyway.

Oh, well.  In terms of how this came about, Brendon Chase writes, “Marc Bodnick sits on the board of both iLike and a venture capital firm, Elevation — the same VC firm that Bono is involved in.”  And it’s not exactly as if this were a poor business decision, since the existence of this article and many others testifies to the PR benefits.

So, U2, iLike, and Facebook are set.  What about other social networks and sites?  Their loss.  Even something that doesn’t directly compete with Facebook or iLike – YouTube – seems to have been intentionally left out of the loop; as videos pop up, they’re getting quickly pulled down again due to the always-annoying “copyright claim by a third party.”

Congrats to Facebook and iLike, then, for getting an apparent U2 exclusive.  Also, fans who want to get a much better version of “Wave of Sorrow” need only wait until November 20th, when the remastered and expanded version of Joshua Tree will be released.