U.S. Electric Car Sales to Top 2.6 Million by 2022


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As consumers begin to view electric cars more favorably, the market for such vehicles has now opened up for manufacturers. As the cost benefits for electric vehicles continues to improve, consumers in North America are now set propel significant growth for the burgeoning industry.

Market research firm Navigant Research today released a report predicting that plug-in electric vehicle sales in North America will hit 2.6 million total from 2013 to 2022. The sales will be led by states such as California, New York, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas.

Chevy and Nissan, which currently lead the plug-in electric vehicle market with their Volt and Leaf models, are expected to lead sales in the coming years now that, according to Navigant, their vehicles are available throughout the U.S. Other models from the likes of Ford, Toyota, Honda, and Tesla are also expected to spur competition and eventually sales by the beginning of the 20s.

“In both Canada and the United States, the market for plug-in electric vehicles is expanding rapidly as these vehicles become more widely available,” said David Alexander, senior research analyst at Navigant. “Overall, sales of PEVs in North America are expected to expand at a significantly higher rate in the next 10 years than that of the general light duty vehicle market.”

Navigant expects the industry's growth to be supported by the simultaneous growth of a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles throughout the U.S. It has already been estimated that 40% of U.S. households could use electric vehicles without changing their daily driving habits, and the coming growth of electric car charging stations could go a long way to making the vehicles viable for the rest of the population.