U.S. Cruise Missile Syria Attack Looms

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Are the days of Hitler’s poisonous gas brutality behind us? Several hundred lost their lives in Syria last Wednesday to what many are estimating was a chemical attack. However, the Syrian government has strongly denied any connection to the disastrous event even though photos of the atrocities victims endured have been leaked.

The Syrian government is officially not assuming responsibility for the situation. The chemical attack has not only threatened those directly attacked, but many more have fled the country as refugees. In fact, estimates claim 30,000 people are now refugees as a result of the attack.

U.N. representatives arrived in Syria to investigate; however, the Syrian government would not allow these representatives access to the Damascus area where the supposed chemical attack occurred. Now, as a result of the looming threat, officials for the United States are considering involvement in order to prevent potentially global devastation.

The White House National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, took to Twitter to condemn those responsible for the attacks.

Barrack Obama said in a CNN exclusive, “Some core issues that the United States has both in terms of us making sure that methods of mass destruction are not proliferating as well as needing to protect our allies, our bases in the region. I think that it is fair to say that as difficult as the problem is, this is something that is going to require America’s attention and hopefully the entire international community’s attention.”

President Barrack Obama shared his concerns with CNN. “If the U.S. goes in and attacks another country, without a U.N. mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it, ‘Do we have the coalition to make it work?’ Those are considerations that we have to take into account,” President Obama said.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons is not indicative of potential considerations by U.S. government]

U.S. Cruise Missile Syria Attack Looms
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  • Vincent OBrien

    I just hope we do not do anything unilaterally. We should let the Arab nations deal with their own problems. WE meddled in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Lebanon. Wasted Billions in the process, over 7000 American lives, countless civilian lives. Lets sit this one out.

  • wayne

    us says little doubt!!! which means there is still doubt. if there is doubt, stay out!!!

    remember what happened when gwb went into iraq under false pretenses!!! stay the hell out of the mideast.

    ‘If there’s doubt, stay out’

    • Sue

      Never doubt the WMD where there.. The had every occasion to move them…

  • dze

    …well, that ought to save some lives .. lets just hope these brilliant politicians meddling in a country we have no business in dont get a military response from Russia, i mean, how do YOU define stupid?

  • Arthur

    why dont we worry about our own country before we fix others , all im asking is 3 years to build america back up , we dont need to be playing cop around the world where we are hated , they are just arabs they have live this way for 2000 years so who cares let them go to allah

  • john

    Annihilate them all and be done with the mess. Tired of terrorist.

  • Sue

    Lets let bigmouth Putin deal with this. let him. take the brunt.or is he behind it all ?

  • http://u,s,cruisemissleattacklooms johnholan

    I think it’s time for President Obama to form a pack with other countries and take the chemical weapons sites out with cruise missles or drones,if he has to send expert ground troops in to Syria to dismantle the chemical and destroy the chemical weapons, then give the rebels anything they ask for within reason. Lets start making this a fair fight. I would not let Russia or Iran intimidate the western coalition, Russia and china and Iran have failed to bring any kind of stability or peace in Syria anyway.Now is the time to act and act diligently.

  • Peaceful

    Do you realise you are talking about attacking a country?Why???? War is TERROR!They have done nothing against you, why do you want to destroy everything they built for centuries? Why do you want to kill their people? WHY?

  • http://u,s,cruisemissleattacklooms johnholan

    Get this people, If by using chemical weapons in any way is a violation to international law and international norm. Then by Russia and China obstructing the united nations from passing resolutions to stop Syria from using chemical weapons. Is that not unlawful itself, vetoing anything that can stop the use of these horrible weapons. Then Russia and China are the ones breaking international law.

  • http://u,s,cruisemissleattacklooms johnholan

    I have a thought. Did Russia in the 1970;s, when they invaded afganistan. Did they ask for authorization from the U. N. security Council. or did the Russians invade with impunity.President Putin should watch what he says because he was part of that government. He was a K. G. B. agent.

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