U.S. Cruise Missile Syria Attack Looms

    August 24, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Are the days of Hitler’s poisonous gas brutality behind us? Several hundred lost their lives in Syria last Wednesday to what many are estimating was a chemical attack. However, the Syrian government has strongly denied any connection to the disastrous event even though photos of the atrocities victims endured have been leaked.

The Syrian government is officially not assuming responsibility for the situation. The chemical attack has not only threatened those directly attacked, but many more have fled the country as refugees. In fact, estimates claim 30,000 people are now refugees as a result of the attack.

U.N. representatives arrived in Syria to investigate; however, the Syrian government would not allow these representatives access to the Damascus area where the supposed chemical attack occurred. Now, as a result of the looming threat, officials for the United States are considering involvement in order to prevent potentially global devastation.

The White House National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, took to Twitter to condemn those responsible for the attacks.

Barrack Obama said in a CNN exclusive, “Some core issues that the United States has both in terms of us making sure that methods of mass destruction are not proliferating as well as needing to protect our allies, our bases in the region. I think that it is fair to say that as difficult as the problem is, this is something that is going to require America’s attention and hopefully the entire international community’s attention.”


President Barrack Obama shared his concerns with CNN. “If the U.S. goes in and attacks another country, without a U.N. mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it, ‘Do we have the coalition to make it work?’ Those are considerations that we have to take into account,” President Obama said.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons is not indicative of potential considerations by U.S. government]

  • Abdullah

    Assad’s atrocities have been allowed to continue for far too long. Many innocent lives are being lost needlessly everyday. The US and the international communuties bear great responsibilities to address these crimes against humanity immediately. This cannot and should not be allowed to continue indefinitely. The world witnessed such crimes during his father’s regime and a repeat is simply unacceptable.

    • scott goodwin

      let alia help them

    • al

      But americans only care about their jobs and reality shows. They don’t care about children being brutally murdered in front of their parents or burned alive. Most Americans are worst then the Germans that stood by and did nothing when the jews were being slaughtered. They don’t care about the loss of life unless it benefits their pockets. I don’t think this country should be the only one getting involved. The whole world should be getting involved. People here make so sick.

      • Matt

        Shove it, Al. Minding one’s own business is often a prerequisite to peace. Yes, helping your neighbor is important, but so is sovereignty. You have obviously never been a parent or responsible for taking care of another human being.

      • John

        The Germans couldn’t do anything to stop Hitler. The citizenry of Germany was unarmed in 1929 when Adolph Hitler banned all guns! This is why we have to protect our own second amendment rights from the liberal democrats!

      • george


    • anaya

      if this is really the case, then why did they not help the civilians of Rwanda in the 90’s? Why have they not yet invaded Somalia? Why can’t they do for the Syrian civilians that they do for the Aafrikans-just throw them on an airplane and bring them over here. Put them in our small towns and give them all of our government aid, and a fresh clean line of credit? That seems more civil to me. Seems to me like you still believe the hype.

  • Darryl Sohm

    So, now we know where all of the chemical weapons went from Iraq.
    These people are terrorists, does anyone think the UN members will be let in to investigate something that was done intentionally?

    • al

      Wow, you are an idiot! They had CW’s way before Iraq ever had you nit wit. They are the only country that opted out of the CW ban treaty.

    • anaya

      yeh, now “WE” the people know where the chemicals went. them the Gov already knew, i’m so disgusted i cant even finish this reply.

      • Dalia

        Lmaoo @ ” I’m so disgusted I can’t even finish this reply”

        I completely agree with you

  • Peter

    The fight we need to focus on is the one here at home.Stop the funding of these idiots and invest that money back into our own country. The United States Of America.!

  • Jaime Cancio

    It is interesting to note that short wave transmissions from Syria are attributing the chemical attack in Syria to the murderous terrorist mercenaries from foreign nations and with two reports terrorist are claiming responsibility for the attack. There is also mention that the area was populate with Christians peoples and not as many Arabs as the news is claiming. Does this mean the U.S. is making ready its cruise missiles in retribution to the actions of the murderous terrorist killing innocent Christians? Seems to me, years ago, the French used poison gas in the middle east to kill terrorist at a large religious celebration taken over by terrorist using the civilians as hostages. Where the object was to kill ‘absolutely all’ the 500 terrorist leaving not one of them alive some 50,000 innocent civilians were exterminated by the use of poison gas – and the United States did nothing against the French – Ohhhhhhh, I am so sore fully sorry I am not suppose to mention that. The United States will probably yet again prove how impotent Obozo-ssA is yet again – in his mismanagement of world affairs.

    • Michael Olson

      Very smart so bc the US didnt respond the first time and your crying about it, you are suggesting we whould do nothing again??? Think about what you write before you do!

    • anaya

      it wont be long before they start kicking down our doors and putting us in concentration…..oh wait, that already happened in Hurricane Katrina.

  • scott goodwin

    they need help let them get out there check book and pay for military services .and let george bush know where sudam insain hid those chemicals .they have been stabbing us in the back and taking our money for years.

  • Steve

    For anybody out there who is seriously interested in this country’s war against Islamic extremism, let me recommend an excellent book to you. The title is “Dirty Wars” by Jeremy Scahill and it documents fully the use of our military under both Republican and Democratic administrations. Scahill also wrote the bestseller “Blackwater” about the military contractor that has played such a leading role in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
    What does this have to do with the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime against its own populace? A possible cruise missile strike against Syrian staging areas would be the next step in the use of our military power against terrorism, this time against state terrorism.
    Scahill’s book would be an excellent read for anyone, whether on the Right or the Left.

  • Michael Olson

    Its as simple as the statement “with great power comes great responsibility!” Anyone with the ability to stop something that is bad should never sit back and do nothing! People keep refering to Hitler, well remember that if country’s didnt just sit back and watch then he could have been delt with easily like the moron he was!

    • bob

      I am disturbed by the ever growing idea that America has a responsibility to tell the rest of the world how it should live. We cannot even run our own country without Mafia intervention.
      The Chicago/Detroit Mafia axis is a disgrace. Look at what it has given us as a leader. YUCK!!

      • Michael Olson

        Its not just America that should have to tell a country it cant use gas on its own citizens.. I mean how is this even an argument??? If you dont mind what there doin and dont like what we do then maybe you should move there and enjoy it and hope that no one in the world will intervene to help you!

      • anaya

        I agree, I wonder how life would be for the people of our nation if the people that WE put in office cared anything about the chocolate cities of Chicago/Detroit.

        • Sue

          Chocolate Cities ?

    • Blue

      the US Gov. is the most irresponsible nation in the world, our debt is skyrocketing and we are involved in multiple wars. We are in no position to start another.

      “with great power comes great responsibility!”

      that quote means if you have the upper hand don’t be a dumb@$$ it doesn’t mean you have to take any reckless action, there are consequences unseen here that what we “think” is the right thing to do may destroy more lives then we are trying to save. We would be dealing with not only Russia but the Middle East and God knows who else.

      comparing Assad to Hitler is quite a jump, two different situations two different goals.

    • Michael Olson

      I am all for the fact that we need to stop doing so much out there when almost none of what we do or give is appreciated, but this is not one of those situations that you should turn your back to…

  • Tirso D. Jamora Jr

    What can we do? The United States Of America is the Chief Of Police of the whole Planet Earth…..

    • innocent

      No Its Russia

  • D

    Assad looks just like Hitler. He is Hitler reincarnated.

  • Joe

    You guys sound like pre-programmed Idiots….our country is in trouble.

  • Joe S.

    My question to Obama is, what do you have to hide? When our government is truthful maybe then we can be so pious as to throw cruise missiles at others.

  • http://none bottle

    next Iran,then the a peace treaty will be signed and the wold peace,that when satan rule the world

    • http://yahoo willy

      Thats when Jesus will take me home

  • Jim C.

    Please limit any attacks to Assad’s residences, government buildings, and legitimate military targets. Please do not target energy, sanitation, and other public infrastructure. Take it to those responsible, not to the general public, so we’re not obliged to rebuild infrastructure as we were in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • jrm713

      The attack would be great as long as they get that dictator.

  • jrm713

    These dictators have no morals. They don’t care who they are killing just so they can sit in their golden palace and enjoy life.

  • Fred

    Odubmo got the Nobel prize day one, so he feels that he can do anything he wants (it’s not like he’s going to get another one). He and the Democraps are still bad mouthing Bush for doing the same things in the Middle East, but Odumbo is funding and supplying weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood to make sure the fighting continues. Think of all the crap we gave VP Chaney about keeping the war alive. Odumbo is far worse.

    • Dennis

      Who the hell is Odubmo?

  • Slobslapper

    Wonder where they got these weapons of mass destruction. Oh yea. From Iraq. Where they never were.

    • @Slob

      Amazing how that works isn’t it?? We invaded a country based on information that was totally made up and false. It also makes me remember the whole Gulf of Tonkin incident.

      Notice a pattern? Wonder how many other things were just complete made up?

    • james fox

      This would be a correct statement , we gave Iraqi enough damn time to send everything across the border,,,,,,duhhh

      • Tyler

        Thank you.

  • cassandra

    you know what! the ship I was on has been told to stay over there. id rather to have someone standing guard so if they decide to go after us, our ships will make sure it wont come our way! god bless our military! even though you might now like the president, he’s playing a smart move.

    • @Cassandra

      No one is “coming after” us. Please.

    • p

      Stand by and stand guard our Navy does very well. When the order is given they get the job done, they always do. God bless our service men and women for I am a veteran too.

      As we say in the SeaBee’s “Everything is possible the impossible takes a little longer” Can Do!

  • bob

    John, I totally agree. the second amendment to our constitution directly addresses the recent attempted confiscation of our personal guns. Remember the names of the politicians who want to confiscate our guns and vote them out.

    • dave

      The whole idea of your second amendment rights being stripped away is totally stupid and ridiculous. You are not being told that you can’t bear arms. Just certain ones. Those whom bear arms got along fine before the sale of guns with many rounds in their clips. Now everyone has to have guns that can fire 20-30 rounds at a sitting. Why? If I had a tank would you need one too?
      When are people going to wake up to the bull crap that is being peddled by the politicians, et all? How many more innocent people have to die before you realize what a bunch of shit it all is? Take off your blinders and face the reality. Your second amendment rights are not being taken away. You are still allowed to bear arms. Who are you trying to kid in saying that they are?

      • rick

        when your government comes to your house with their tanks to forcefully run you and your community, you fight them off with your bb gun, ok?

  • string muse

    Great! Let wag the dog! When there is nothing going for this president except the SEIU and the illegals.

  • Peter J. Chilos

    Should there be an attack the U.S 1st priority is to gain control of the Chemical Weapons. If Assad is forced out he could take the Chemical Weapons with him and be protected by a Terrorist group. There lies the real problem!

    • @Peter

      There are so many unguarded high value targets in the US. If there really were terrorists in the US, we would be having attacks every day of the week.

      The terrorism threat is greatly greatly overstated. In fact, I believe it was just created to make sure the Patriot Acts were passed.

      Doubt me? Go walk around your community and just look at everything that isn’t even guarded.

      • dave

        I understand what you are saying.
        I’m just wondering if the terrorist are here waiting for an opportune time to strike? It could be that they are just waiting for word to when our guard is down. We serve thousands of people up for slaughter at sporting events and other mass gatherings every week. Our luck may run out some day.

        • @Dave

          I understand too. We gave up everything because of our fear. All this NSA stuff is just the BEGINNING of what is to come. Just wait. People are so naive as to what technology will be put on the market in the next 5 to 10 years.

          Right now we are transforming into a Police State simply out of fear of supposed terrorist threats. A threat that really has always been with us. It was with us since the 1940s and we never needed all this NSA and Patriot Act measures.

          America is so naive as to what the Patriot Acts will lead to. Do you realize right now we have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prisoners???? We incarcerate more than the Soviets did under the Gulag System. These numbers do not include those people on parole and probation. This will be getting much worse.

          We are transforming into a fully functional police state. When that completes, one will only have to look at the past 10 years to see when it started.

  • http://Google Wilbur

    I must have been in a deep sleep because I can’t recall hearing anything about Syria attacking or threatening the United States with an attack. Afterall, we gotta be pretty sore at them to attack them.

  • A Different Perspective

    Shades of “weapons of mass destruction” all over again. Remember Iraq, folks? Wake up people! This incident (like the Gulf of Tonkin, etc) is staged by someone’s secret military. Take your guesses as who has the resources. But you can judge by this country’s ongoing record of foreign wars of aggression for the last 50 years. “When will they (we) ever learn…”

  • Reality

    Yet, another war for America. How many countries are we involved with militarily now? If you view the world as a chess board, you start to realize that America is strategically moving into key areas in the world. The questions is: to what end???

    It is also amazing how we are always going to war with factions that we directly or indirectly fund. It is like Al Qaeda. In 1979, we created them and funded them with 3.5 billion dollars (in 1979 dollars). In the Syrian case, we give over a billion dollars in aid to them every year.

    The scary thing is that all American citizens have to go on is what they see in the media. We are essentially asked to trust — when as we have seen in the past three months, we are lied to constantly.

    In a couple of weeks we will hear all the terrorism warnings – just as the NSA is coming under scrutiny. Up until 9/11, I never believe in a New World Order. Now, I definitely believe there is a shadow world government pulling all the strings.

    • Hell yeh

      I completely agree with you. Since 9/11 they ( the shadows) have been wanting the world to view the Muslims as terrorists. When the truth of the matter it doesn’t matter what your religion is. It makes me sick that when a white male shoots innocent victims he’s mentally ill, but when an ARAB does the same shit he’s a fucking terrorist. We should not and cannot just stand here and be controlled like puppets. We the people, the citizens of the United fucking States of America should stand up and show them that we are not gonna be distracted with their bullshit anymore. We’re catching on and we’re sick of standing by.

  • J

    It’s nice to see most of the people safe at home can sit on there computers and say we shouldn’t do this. Why should more people die. The next dead person could be an American. Should we wait until someone’s loved one is dead to stop attacks.

    • @J

      If America keeps doing this, then one day the world may all be at war. There are only so many countries you can go into before the rest of the world starts to get ticked off. Sorry to tell you but the rest of the world does not view America like you do. In fact, they are getting tired of America totally.

      And no … the next dead person would not be an American. This is a Syrian internal conflict. The only way an American will die is if we get involved.

      • melissa

        The rest of the world does not want to because they know we can take care of the job and they cannot!!!

        • @Melissa

          Please. You don’t think China with a million man standing army and could mobilize another 20 million almost immediately couldn’t do the job?

          Also, what job are you referring to? Please tell me. It isn’t our job to do anything. You don’t think the other 6.7 billion people on the planet can take care of themselves?

          Stop drinking the Kool Aid.

    • No

      Not our business. Besides, look how Iraq turned out… helping them only made it worse.

    • Jeff

      Well get off your computer and do something, no one is stopping you.

    • Art M

      Why should we get involved? It’s not our war. Let them do as they please.

  • anaya

    We have been “at war” for ten years now. People of America, we need to tell the government, the people that WE THE PEOPLE have put in office, we need to tell them that we will not allow them to fight another country until they bring home our troops that have been “fighting” for 10 years!
    and 2)They have no reason to want to invade Syria unless Syria is the one who is starting forest fires across our nation year after year!

    • p10leadman

      And just when did the USA become the “WORLD POLICE DEPARTMENT”?

      BTY: , the ship pictured with this article firing the missile, is NOT a United States Naval Ship. our hull numbers are on the bow, not midships….

      • Tyler

        We became the World Police when we re-drew the map in the mid-East in 1956. Most of the Mid-East actually belongs to Babylon, Now the children of Babylon are being exterminated by Muslims. A few have escaped to the US, But the US has ignored this reality, from Bush to Obama.

  • sinecure

    ovomit will only get involved once the radicals promise to put the mudslime brotherhood into power… until then he will sit on the sidelines and wait.

  • Col

    I guess we now know where Saddam Hussein hid his chemical weapons.

    • Marshall

      Syria had it’s own national chem weapons program, no need to get them from Saddam.

    • Fed


  • http://u,s,cruisemissleattacklooms johnholan

    What is happening in Syria right now with chemical weapons on assads own people reminds me of Nazi Germany gasing and exterminating jews. What do you people think this dictator is doing to his own people. Committing genocide.Mark my word, if President Obama and the freeworld keep standing on the sidelines, he and the other leaders will look like Chamberland of England looks like now,that he gave czechoslavakia away to adolf hitler. This was done again to avoid war and conflict, and war and conflict came anyway.

    • Hmm….

      And maybe that is what the New World Order wants. All the things happening are not just coincidental. Look at the world like a chess board. The pieces are moving. The question is who is pulling whose strings.

      • james fox

        East European Bankers

      • Dalia

        I completely agree with you. Sorry but you guys think this wasn’t all planned? I am a Syrian myself and I’ll let you know that media publishes what they WANT to publish. They are told to publish certain things and that’s that. Americans need to listen to the truth from the Syrians themselves instead of relying on the media to feed them with lies like always. Obama knows what he’s doing. The world is trying to distract us with fashion, obesity, and other shit. But luckily some of us have a brain and actually wanna ask questions. The answers never add up. That’s when you take a step back and know shits not being told right.



  • Kermit

    THEY tell me a gas attack has occurred.maybe it has, maybe it’s a lie. Congress should investigate, fully and publicly. Full disclosure. Then, if Congress finds reason to use military force, let them authorize it. Isn’t that how it is supposed to work? NO MORE EXECUTIVE WARS!!!

    • melissa

      Congress is lazy as hell and cant make any decisions!!!!!

      • Ernie

        One thing they could do to save America; IMPEACH Obama!

        • Rusty

          Yeah that’d be good. You are a big Joe Biden fan? Idiot.

  • Ron

    tell that chump in the white house to stop playing games. If you';re gonna open your mouth, do something. You’re nothing but a paper tiger. Nobody fears you, you are a muslim butt kissing jackass. Either do what you say or get the hell out. You are an embarrassment to the US.

    • lawks

      You’re an embarrassment to mankind. Your attitude serves no purpose and is dispicable.

      • Ernie

        Talk’n about Ron or Obama?

    • Gary

      You comment would seem like a bad joke if it weren’t for many other people in the same sad situation. Your attitude could not follow this line without the incompetent, co-opted press and media. The “malevolent misinformation peddlers” are only feeding the fears of selfish, fearful, ignorant citizens. The depression of watching it all play out in real time…and the havoc it is creating at all levels of our society….is beyond words

    • http://nonw dgw

      How is leaving the Muslims to annihilating each other pandering to the Muslims? Right, and let’s go to war again and waste all the money we don’t have after 12 years of war in that same area?

      • Tyler

        Actually, War is good for our economy.

    • robertd4861

      Ron, you are an embarrassment yourself! Don’t you understand politics and propaganda? You want the USA to waste more $$$ and time and risk the lives of our service men and women in that cesspool of the middle east? who gives a fuck about those lunatics who have no fear. Its time to go back to FDR’s time and be an isolationist country when it involves the muslim mfers.

    • Aaron Lee

      Are you really this ignorant or are you just retarded.

  • douglas light

    unless were ready to propose the united federation of earth and extinguish the entire muslim footprint this conflict will flourish

  • cheerupcharlie

    please, if the U.S wanted this freak out of power, they would have taken him out by now. We need chaos in the region. Constant chaos. Divide and conquer is the name of this game. The religious zealots are wants making it so easy to divide these middle eastern countries. They are so blinded by their own beliefs that they can’t see that they are actually being controlled. Free yourselves from religion!!

    • http://yahoo Jacinto Chavez

      “Free yourselves from religion”…. here is the key to our problem . We think that we are in power to dictate outcomes to Cultures who think of our Culture as made up by “infidels”. Our credit card is max out. Our good money is going to war instead of building up our “middle class”.

  • paige

    none of anyones opinion matters here wat does matter is that crimes against humanity are occuring! and all thats necessary for evil to succeed is that good men and woman do nothing so knock off the passive agressive posturing and do something leaders of the world that we all pay your wage we want some action for the better out of all of ya! put your differences aside for a darn minute and get rid of the wack job responsible, there is no doubt who that is either

    • innocent

      Even you and your opinion don’t matter,, what matters is the UN mandate

  • Ernie

    Crimes against humanity. Several hundred people died. So we’re going to start blasting the place apart with cruise missiles. Of course these missiles are only going to kill Syrian fighters. No women or children. Give me a break. Obama and McCain are in up to their privates. Rebels have them over the barrel from Bengasi. They are going to cover their butts at our expense and with Syrian lives. Their fix’n to kick up a hornets nest like we never seen before. PLEASE STAY OUT OF SYRIA

  • Sparky

    “Hitler’s poisonous gas brutality behind us?” I think you might be confusing your wars. Germany used poison gas in WWI but not WWII.

    • sean

      So what were they using in the showers? Fairy dust?

    • Tyler

      Tell that to the 6 Million Jews Murdered by Hitler.

    • @Sparky

      Poison gas was used in all the wars. Who are you kidding?

    • Rusty

      I think maybe they were referring to the giant gas chambers where Hitler had the Jews murdered by the millions.

  • Patrick Spacek

    IF the US is going to be striking Syria with cruise missles, so be it. It is most likely warranted. However; if your going to run the story and use a picture for it, use a picture of a US Navy ship that is capable of conducting such a strike. IE, A CG or DDG class ship.

    • dave

      It’s pretty sad. Watching people destroyed by their own government. What’s even sadder is our intent to get involved in yet another conflict. Why must we always be ‘cop to the world?’ That is why we are loved by some and hated by others. We have a multitude of issues of our own, yet, we insist upon our waging war. Very sad.

    • innocent

      Cant other countries like Russia who have even worse and worst formidable cruise missiles also Strike on USA navy. you guys arent matured and you can only think selfishwise USA can also be bitten in the same way she bits small boys and one day this will be shown

  • Patrick Spacek

    Isn’t this really an issue for the UN. I know and understand that that the US’s role in the UN has become the police, but that should not be the case. We have enough of our own issues, how about we let the rest of the world do their part and we sit back and watch them? Regardless of the US’s stance and action, we will either be viewed by the world as the bully or the heartless; another spin created by our involvement in the UN.

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    The White House better think twice. Russia has warned time and again that an attack on Syria is a red line that must not be crossed, otherwise Russia will “respond”. Just recently Putin gave the order to all armed forces in control of the Topolov and Bulava ICBMs to be ready at an instant notice to push the red button. The White House better think twice…

    • innocent

      Russia doesn’t need a nuke to fuck USA, why not just use the father of all bombs FAOB.

  • higheagleguy

    Don’t be silly Obama… Russia sent anti-ship cruise missiles to Syria, way back in May, so your threat is all-talk…!

    • Aaron Lee

      Russia has very little experience using ship to ship missiles as on the other hand USA has been using cruise missiles for many years. If a Russian ship fires on an American ship,all that will be left of the Russian ship is a hole in the water where it has been. That spoken from a Retired US Navy Chief. Russian Navy is way behind USA and although they are led by a Pompus A ss loud mouth Putin it doesn’t mean they can meet us in war on a level field.
      I would almost think its worth getting into the fray with Syria in order to put Russia back 10 notches.

      • Patrick Spacek

        Agreed. Having seen the Russian fleet first hand, what you see on the television is the best of what they have and most of what they have. The old cold war fleets are tied up and rusting away very rapidly.

      • innocent

        There wont be a war if Russia decides to attack USA forces. Russia has formidable missiles once fired you are gone. they will just fire at every USA navy in a twinkling the war is over,, there wont be any USA navy in 20 minutes in the middle east. Try it

  • http://www.getfucked.gov Ignorant American

    Just start ww3 and quit being a bunch of pussy’s. Our economy is a shit, China won’t even buy our trash anymore. lol america! fuck yea!

  • Aaron Lee

    I see everyone here is fear of Russia. Russia wouldn’t last 2 weeks if they get into it with USA. First of all Russia’s enemies who are mostly on their doorsteps already would love to see Russia weakened buy a USA strike. Russia has made many enemies in their region and once weakened they will suffer the consequences of their past invading of neighbors who despise them now. But that said, I really hope we do not attack Syria because USA has NO friends there on either side. It may be an awful mess there but we have no reason to save either side. Yes its a tragedy to see children die but give those children 15 years and they will be in the streets calling for the downfall of USA and either side of this conflict would love to use any weapon they have on USA and our children. I say –Time to mind our own business and stay out of this cluster fk.

    • innocent

      There wont be a war if Russia decides to attack USA forces. Russia has formidable missiles once fired you are gone. they will just fire at every USA navy in a twinkling the war is over,, there wont be any USA navy in 20 minutes in the middle east. Try it

  • http://Yahoo RS

    First get the facts straight, unlike Iraq and remember that both Russia and Iran have sent warnings! I believe Putin has underestimated the USA’s response if Assad is found responsible. Sides are being drawn w/ China the wild card. As others have stated neither side in this conflict are allies of the US. Obama should have learned fr. Bush, don’t tell the enemy your plans!

    • innocent

      Russia would tell you if they will attack and sick all your navy in the middle east, and that is very easy for Russia. one state of the art missile fired from a Russian ship or submarine, one USA ship Gone. in 20 minutes there wont be a USA military in the middle east. But you may try to fuck your own ass.

  • Ray Field

    We know how to do special op’s infiltration (several options). We also have Recon pictures of the area via space. The ground op’s can verify chemical weapon composition. If Syria is using WMD, then a world response is required. Sending a large cruise missile attack by the USA on Syria would be a first good start. Iran (who has threatened “grave consequences to the USA” if this is done & gets involved – then massive airstrikes on both Iran and Syria should maybe to have them rethink their policies.. No US ground troops – just the US using continuous & overwhelming air power. When are Syria & Iran going to wake up?

    • @Ray

      Yeah, how did all that recon do in regards to Iraq and there WMDs? It is all a show.

      • Patrick Spacek

        Shipped to Iran and Syria…

  • Harlan

    U.S. action will happen about the third Tuesday of next week…!

  • killmuslimes

    I learned this forty years ago: KILL KILL HATE HATE MURDER MURDER MUTILATE!!!! GO U S A!!!

    • john

      What’s a muslime lol???

  • mike

    What! army they cut the military so bad. Even worse than Clinton did.

    • @Mike

      Please. We spend more than the rest of the world COMBINED on defense. Yes, you heard that right — COMBINED. Don’t give me this nonsense that our military is weak. Because that is utter nonsense.

      • innocent

        I spend more on alcohol therefore the most drunkard!!! what is thee efficiency of your expenditure? With a fraction of USA military budget.. Russia make more better than USA,, imagine if they have the same expenditure as USA?

  • http://WebProNews Paul Rose

    The military satellites can sense within minutes if a chemical warhead was launched. Artillery or rocket. Exploding or pressure types. No need for third world run UN commissions. Russia’s latest ICBM designs have reliability issues. Their Navy is a paper tiger. They will never commit their assets. They do not have long distance operational experience. They know that we know. They can only have proxies attack Israel. Left wing Democrat press will never admit the real superiority of the US military. They hate the military and pretend to respect the troops. What our enemies are counting on is the unwillingness of the POTUS to act. Afraid of casualties and loosing liberal support.

  • http://yahoo S..

    Can some one say Gog And Magog>>>>>>>>

  • http://yahoo willy

    We don’t need to be sticking our nose in there business, they have Allah to answer to not Obama of course he thinks he is Allah let them settle it their way

  • Reality

    If we go into Syria, what will change? After all the things we have done since 9/11, what has actually changed? Nothing has changed in the rest of the world, but everything in the US. The only thing that has changed is us.

    We gave up everything because fear. All this NSA stuff is just the BEGINNING of what is to come. People are so naive as to what technology will be put on the market in the next 5 to 10 years. Utterly naive.

    Right now we are transforming into a Police State simply out of fear of supposed mass terrorist threats. A threat that really has always been with us and one that will always be with us. It was with us since the 1940s and we never needed all this NSA and Patriot Act measures before. Terrorism is just the realities of life. There simply will always be fringe lunatics. But you don’t change everything you are because of them!!!

    Do you realize right now we have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prisoners???? We incarcerate more than the Soviets did under the Gulag System. These numbers do not include those people on parole and probation. This will be getting much worse.

    We are transforming into a fully functional police state. When that completes, one will only have to look at the past 10 years to see when it started.

  • Vincent OBrien

    I just hope we do not do anything unilaterally. We should let the Arab nations deal with their own problems. WE meddled in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Lebanon. Wasted Billions in the process, over 7000 American lives, countless civilian lives. Lets sit this one out.

  • wayne

    us says little doubt!!! which means there is still doubt. if there is doubt, stay out!!!

    remember what happened when gwb went into iraq under false pretenses!!! stay the hell out of the mideast.

    ‘If there’s doubt, stay out’

    • Sue

      Never doubt the WMD where there.. The had every occasion to move them…

  • dze

    …well, that ought to save some lives .. lets just hope these brilliant politicians meddling in a country we have no business in dont get a military response from Russia, i mean, how do YOU define stupid?

  • Arthur

    why dont we worry about our own country before we fix others , all im asking is 3 years to build america back up , we dont need to be playing cop around the world where we are hated , they are just arabs they have live this way for 2000 years so who cares let them go to allah

  • john

    Annihilate them all and be done with the mess. Tired of terrorist.

  • Sue

    Lets let bigmouth Putin deal with this. let him. take the brunt.or is he behind it all ?

  • http://u,s,cruisemissleattacklooms johnholan

    I think it’s time for President Obama to form a pack with other countries and take the chemical weapons sites out with cruise missles or drones,if he has to send expert ground troops in to Syria to dismantle the chemical and destroy the chemical weapons, then give the rebels anything they ask for within reason. Lets start making this a fair fight. I would not let Russia or Iran intimidate the western coalition, Russia and china and Iran have failed to bring any kind of stability or peace in Syria anyway.Now is the time to act and act diligently.

  • Peaceful

    Do you realise you are talking about attacking a country?Why???? War is TERROR!They have done nothing against you, why do you want to destroy everything they built for centuries? Why do you want to kill their people? WHY?

  • http://u,s,cruisemissleattacklooms johnholan

    Get this people, If by using chemical weapons in any way is a violation to international law and international norm. Then by Russia and China obstructing the united nations from passing resolutions to stop Syria from using chemical weapons. Is that not unlawful itself, vetoing anything that can stop the use of these horrible weapons. Then Russia and China are the ones breaking international law.

  • http://u,s,cruisemissleattacklooms johnholan

    I have a thought. Did Russia in the 1970;s, when they invaded afganistan. Did they ask for authorization from the U. N. security Council. or did the Russians invade with impunity.President Putin should watch what he says because he was part of that government. He was a K. G. B. agent.