U.S. Broadband To Reach 86 Million Households

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Around 86 million U.S. households will have broadband Internet access by 2012 according to a new report from JupiterResearch.

U.S. Broadband To Reach 86 Million Households
U.S. Broadband To Reach 86 Million Households

The report "US Broadband Forecast, 2007 to 2012: LECs Maintain Advantage over Cable Operators in Quest for New Subscribers" says that because of high-speed service there will be close to 36 million new broadband subscribers in the next five years.

"Price reductions are responsible for driving take-rates for DSL services offered by the incumbent local exchange carriers, while higher broadband transmission rates and attractive bundles are driving consumer adoption of cable modem service," said Doug Williams, Analyst at JupiterResearch.

"As broadband becomes more attractive to consumers from an economic perspective, current dial-up users will be more likely to migrate to broadband service, and consumers who are new to the online population will never take dial-up service in the first place."

JupiterResearch estimates that the 33 million dial-up Internet households will drop by more than two-thirds by 2012 but that the market for dial-up service will not totally disappear.

"Despite moderating growth for broadband services, significant market opportunities for broadband service providers still exist," said David Schatsky, President of JupiterResearch.

"Cable operators and local exchange carriers will remain the key market participants, while alternative broadband service providers will continue to struggle to integrate into the mass market."


U.S. Broadband To Reach 86 Million Households
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  • unityworks

    “On March 26, 2004 President George W. Bush gave a speech setting a national and Administration goal for broadband telecommunications. He said, “This country needs a national goal for the spread of broadband technology. We ought to have universal affordable access for broadband technology by the year 2007 and then we ought to make sure, as soon as possible thereafter, consumers have choices when it comes to their carrier.””

    Millions of Americans – especially those in rural and low-income urban areas still don’t have access to high-speed broadband because it does not yet pay for providers to invest in these areas. Chances are broadband will reach 86 million households, but will we have universal affordable access by 2012?

    It is time for the U.S. to adopt policies for universal access and set deployment timetables. Check out CWA’s “Speed Matters” campaign and read their policy paper which has some excellent recommendations for achieving universal affordable broadband access for all U.S. households regardless of income and geographic location.

    • Lawrence

      President Bush:
      To make such a broad un-committable promise is just as ill-conceived coming from a president who has shown himself over and over again as clueless in a country where we can not prove ourselves “Smarter than a 5th Grader” and most act like 3rd graders! (Forgive the run-on sentence.) A) What is to be considered affordable when many in this country live well below the poverty line and cannot afford the real necessities of life; and B) what quality broadband – like AT&T’s $10 package (if one can even locate the package-difficult to find even by many of us who are considered “techies”), and that barely crawls faster than a good quality dialup, and often has such high packet loss that it makes the USPS look like the gold standard in mail/package delivery.
      Come on President Bush, do you think we are as gullible as your pet terriers? But then it wouldn’t matter anyway, we all know they at least eat better than many Americans in poverty!
      I won’t discuss the # of families who do not have a single computer in their home, discussing this would probably burn out the circuitry in my new pacemaker!

      Writing fo a better United States of America

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