Tyler Posey of 'Teen Wolf' Is Ready To Move On After An 'Awful' Year

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Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf says he is ready for a better future after the death of his mother and his broken engagement.

It's been a little more than 12 months since Tyler's mother died in a year that he has described as "awful." That loss was compounded when his engagement to his childhood sweetheart ended just a few months later.

"This has been the hardest year of my life," Posey, 24, told People magazine.

Posey's engagement to childhood sweetheart Seana Gorlick, who he proposed to in 2013, ended last year. Posey did not disclose the reason for the breakup.

"I still really miss her," he said of his former girlfriend, whom he dated for more than a decade. "I can't believe I have an ex-fiancée."

Losing his mother, Cyndi, after a four-year battle with breast cancer when she was only 55 was beyond devastating for the actor.

"She was my best friend," Posey said.

The two were extremely close, especially considering she had homeschooled him and served as his business manager when he was a child actor.

"She was the glue that held our family together," he noted.

Despite the fact that Posey remains close to his father John Posey, 60, and brother Jesse, 21, he still feels as if he has "lost my sense of family."

The losses has left Tyler Posey in a fragile mental state and he says he has struggled with depression.

"Whenever I have too much downtime, I start to get sad," he said.

While he is moving on, Tyler Posey said he's just yet ready to date.

Pam Wright