Tylenol Warnings Serve as Grave Reminder

    August 30, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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Very soon the Tylenol products that we know as the safest pain reliever available and use without fear for every little ache will carry bright red warning labels on the lid. These warnings are a product of numerous lawsuits and pressure by the federal government.The warnings will start in October on Extra Strength Tylenol and become widespread on other Tylenol products in the following months.

The warnings are intended to make clear the possible sudden liver failure or even death that can be caused by taking too much Tylenol in a day. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that overdoses of Acetaminophen send between 50,000 to 80,000 people to the emergency room each year and claim the lives of around 500. So what is the factor that turns the safest pain reliever into a killer? Humans. That’s right.

Apparently, we all assume we need the highest dose available to begin with. Many stores don’t even carry Regular Strength Tylenol on their shelves anymore. I’m not sure I have ever seen a regular strength bottle in anyone’s medicine cabinet. Extra Strength has 1,000mg of Acetaminophen, compared to 650 mg in the Regular Strength dose. The maximum safe dosage is 4,000mg per day

Here’s the danger: You just had surgery, so you take your Vicodin or Percocet, which contain 2600mg daily of Acetaminophen in the two pills every six hours . You still feel pain, so You think you could just add Extra Strength Tylenol to the regimen, for another 3,000mg. Now, you also have a cold, or trouble sleeping, so you take Nyquil to sleep. You’re a tough guy and don’t need to read labels, so you don’t realize that Nyquil also contains 650mg of Acetaminophen. A regular dose. After a few days on this 6,250mg regimen, liver failure is a real risk.

However, there are still cases where, researchers say, the patients with liver failure took the recommended dose. They say it could be genetic predisposition, or it could be a human predisposition to lie for money. My bet is, it’s the second, but READ LABELS, PEOPLE! And be careful about the dose you take.

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  • Phyllis

    Interesting. My healthy young son just lost his liver due to tyleonol tocitity. So glad for this surge of news now. If it can save just one life from an over the counter drug that we all have on our shelves.

  • mm

    “we know as the safest pain reliever available” THAT is not a true and accurate statement. we have known for decades this drug is harmful to your liver and has killed many in the past and has been used in suicides as the toxicity cannot be stopped.

  • alexiou

    As others have already stated. This Author apparently knows ONLY the history of Acetaminophen Through the eyes of a Pharmaceutical Giant Drug Rep’s eyes: FOR YEARS since it’s introduction Tylenol GAVE MILLIONS of doses FREE to Doctors and Hospitals so that they would be given away to their patients thus JUSTIFYING Tylenol makers LONG standing Slogan: The pain reliever Doctors Recommend most! The truth is that the NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF LIVER FAILURE in this country is Acetaminophen overdose and every E.R. carries n-acetylcysteine (NAC)a safe nutritional supplement used primarily as a mucolytic agent and in the management of acetaminophen overdose. How can ANYONE say without qualification it has EVER been KNOWN AS SAFE??????! What an IGNORANT statement. NO EVIDENCE except for memories of misleading advertisements back up this notion!!!

  • alexiou

    The Author Lacy – (Bless her well meaning heart) – should go to this address: (I’m certain you are a very well meaning loving Delightful person… BUT please be careful when USING such BROAD IMPORTANT generalizations such as SAFE and SAFEST.) This Faux Pas editorial (with the unfortunate unconscious macabre PUN in the title: ‘GRAVE’) -really proves that year of MEDIA advertising WORKS!!! Say something is Safe LONG enough using a soft voice over… and we all Believe it!! However… Many people have known about the extreme toxicity of Tylenol SCIENTIFICALLY and PUBLICLY since the 1980s. If you were an E.R. Doctor or NURSE you should already Know this. But even in 2005 – 8 years ago – the General Public was made aware of this through published research… That Acetaminophen IS THE LEADING cause of acute liver failure!! The fact that SOME in the general public – especially people writing about HEALTH issues are just know hearing this is UNCONSCIONABLE!! An article entitled:
    Acetaminophen Is Leading Cause of Acute Liver Failure
    was Published: Nov 30, 2005 – is located here: –
    medpagetoday dot com/Psychiatry/Depression/2233 (put in the . for dot in the URL)

  • Lacy Langley

    I appreciate all the input here, but if you will allow me, I’d like to clear up a few things. I meant “safest” in the sense that it’s supposedly safer than the other options for over-the-counter pain control. Safe as in, it’s the only pain reliever pregnant women can take. I in no way meant to put my stamp of approval on any medication. In fact, I tend to lean more toward homeopathic remedies in my own household, but this is simply an article covering the new warning labels and the reported dangers of overdosing on it. Perhaps I should do a some research on real people who have had issues with acetaminophen without even taking more than the recommended dose, I’m sure it would be eye-opening! I will check out the link above also. Thanks!

  • Kelly

    Why even do the story, If you think that it’s a lie??? …IDGI?

  • Paul

    I am glad it hasn’t happened to me! In the 80’s I took thousands of milligrams of this crap taking these 325 hits as much as 12-18 times in a day! So I was taking 5,000-6,000 regularly. Lucky for me some of the pills I took only had aspirin, now they have changed them to tylenol so I could have been taking 10,000 mg a day! I use to think the fact that unlike a lot of my buddies I stopped drinking prior to getting on all these pills. Otherwise I might be gone by now. In 2000 I took heed to the warnings about tylenol and I have kept my dosage down to 1200 mg per day. I still have the chronic pain but I don’t want to lose my liver because of it. Another great thing is they just changed the law regarding prescriptions drugs so now they are all being changed to 325’s or less (the 500 are not allowed anymore in any prescription drug).

  • Lacy Langley

    Again, article is about the dangers of overdosing and the new warning label. Not the authors opinion of Tylenol. If I only wrong on things that I loved and agreed with, that would be called a blog, not a news site.