Two-Year-Old Held Hostage In Rapid City, SWAT Team Called On Scene

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On Tuesday, a two-year-old boy was held hostage by a burglar in Rapid City. The authorities were alerted of a burglary at 4pm, but the suspect fled to a nearby house where he took the two-year-old boy hostage.

Reports indicate that several children and adults were able to escape, but Raymond Cuny held the two-year-old boy captive. Police reports say that Cuny has no relation to the boy or to any of the people living in the house where he fled.

A special response team was immediately called to the scene. SWAT teams and armored vehicles surrounded the home and the streets were blocked off. The authorities also put up fences and they prepared themselves to storm into the home. Officers in an armored car used a loudspeaker to talk to Cuny. They asked the suspect to give himself up, but their negotiations with the suspect were unsuccessful.

On Rapid City Police Department’s Twitter, a post said, “Suspect refusing to come out, has small child in the residence with him. Police believe suspect is armed.”

The standoff lasted for six hours, and by 10:30 pm the police went into the home and used distraction techniques in order to grab the two-year-old child. Afterwards, police chief Karl Jegeris announced the successful operation on Twitter. “Baby rescued and safe. Suspect in custody. All officers and deputies are safe,” he tweeted. The standoff ended without a single bullet being fired.

Reports indicate that the child has been returned to his mother and that he was not harmed during the incident.

In a statement, Jegeris said, “I am extremely proud of the Special Response Team and their heroic efforts.”

Cuny was arrested on suspicion of second-degree burglary and second-degree kidnapping. He is currently in the custody of authorities at the Pennington County jail and is being held without bond. As of writing, no trial date has been scheduled.

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