Two Shot At Funeral For Alleged Gang Member

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Residents of a Chicago neighborhood are shocked and grieving today after shots rang out during a funeral for a young man who allegedly had ties to a gang.

James Holman, 32, was shot and killed last week during what police believe was a gang-related dispute; he was reportedly a member of the Gangster Disciples, but officials say they can’t yet link his death to gang activity. However, after shots were fired inside the church where his funeral took place yesterday, they may have more clues as to what happened.

Witnesses say the gunshots went off as the service was ending, fatally wounding 21-year old Sherman Miller and leaving 26-year old Deonte Ousley in critical condition. One woman said she saw the shooter enter the church, fire off several rounds, then run out and drop the gun behind him.

“Can you imagine 1,200 people in a church and everybody’s running? It was awful. We had babies crying,” witness Deborah Echols Moore said.

Residents in the area say they fear the gun violence will never stop, especially if it has now filtered into sacred church space during a time of mourning.

“This has to stop. If it’s happening at funerals, it’s going to continue to happen,” witness April Smith said.

An investigation is still ongoing; no arrests have been made.

Two Shot At Funeral For Alleged Gang Member
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  • AM

    I’m not religious but, in a church! Sad :(

  • Ray

    you talk about gun control, its not the people with gun permits as i am one, the government wants you to think its about gun control so they can take all our arms then what will we have???? we will have a government that has total control of the people, thats what they are working on now,also you would have the gangbangers with guns and the people would be eazy prey. Eric Holder was running guns into Mexico to make the American gun owner look bad and take our guns. As far as the thugs in these gangs if you murder a person it should be life,the only way out is when they carry you out…….

  • brotherap

    Of course there are no rules that young gangsters respect anymore. You threw the top leader of the GDs in the underground Alcatraz, the Federal Supermax ADX penitentiary for life, out in Florence, Colorado. It appears that your only justification for placing him at the same danger status as the airplane underwear bomber is that too many Chicago politicians were making their way down to Meynard Correctional Facility in southern Illinois seeking his political support for votes. Chop off the head, Larry Hoover, and now you’ve got perennial chaos in the streets and total disrespect for the rules. Hoover wasn’t jailed for murder, so maybe the FEDs and ILL better rethink that ADX move, if it’s not too late.

  • Honeyluv

    The world is coming to a end.. People need to wake up.. doesn’t matter what laws we have in place for gun controll… the number of prisions etc. This country needs to go to the days of taking of fingers, legs, arms or just beheading…then this would stop…

    • Truth

      Agreed 100%, hate to admit it but people are NOT AFRAID of jail. I mean why should they, people have the luxury of working out, watching t.v. having recreation, getting educated…..Just to name a few activities :/

  • TheBride

    Just give them all the guns they want and let them shoot each other.

    • Kelby

      Well what needs to be done is this. Take the shooting to the Suburb’s !!!

  • Steven

    You know before you even click on the article that its nij jers. Sorriest race on the earth by far.

    • jd

      Please go and kill yourself. This could happen with any ethnic group at any type of funeral involving GANG MEMBERS! Don’t be so shortsighted and clearly racists to presume anything but there is no honor or respect among gang members-

      • lei

        First of all black people are here because your SORRY a** ancestors was too sorry to clean their own toilets, raise their own kids, and work their own fields. So before you start labeling the sorriest race think about your ancestors. Not only that but I’m sure ya great granpappy was hittin that African good good and yo a** got some of what you cosider the sorriest race in your veins…stupid a** dildo!! You are a sorry species to even make that kind of comment.

      • http://yahoo gigglesold

        steven its the ignorance of people like you that keeps the world full of hatred. you need to jump off a bridge and kill yourself….

        • Lyndia

          Giggles, that was so funny.

      • Dee

        JD do you ever watch your people on ID channel, Dateline, Snapped? you know the ones who kill their spouses for the money or because they are screwing some one else? or about the women who kill their children to get back at their husbands for living them? How about the series “Very Bad Men” where they kill just because it’s un? Do you know BTK, Green River Killer, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Jim Jones, any of those ring a bell? No gangbangers, just the sorriest evil people on earth just killing because thy like it.

    • http://webpronews moose1220

      Sad situation but some of the politicians and any prominent people with brains “in the hood” should be out there preaching respect, responsibility, family values and not showing ways to beat the system. Many of the kids that grow up in these areas don’t stand a chance. The adults there are no role models.

    • Mona

      Say it to our face motherfucker
      someone opt to shoot your sorry racist ass

    • Kelby

      You Racist Bastard !!!!

    • Tracy B.

      You are totally IGNORANT for this comment what ever race that you are what makes you think you are any better once again IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • alexis onetwelve

      Wow! Inbreeding, right? Your parents must be brother and sister. How else could one come up with such ignorance? It is one thing to conceive it, but to share it? Just tell me, what is your profession? Doctor? Judge? Teacher? It’s frightening to think that you may have a job that can have a lasting effect on someone’s life. What’s even more scary is that I can’t recognize you. I’ll take a klansman in full attire over your hiding-behind-a-cyber-wall any day.

      • Lyndia

        onetwelve, he dosen’t have a job. He is in the crazy house but he slipped in the office and got on the computer.

    • http://yahoo.com loretta baker

      Steven, you should be ashamed of yourself for calling african americans the sorriest race on this earth. Go back in history and see what the man did to the sorriest race on this earth. Read some history books about this country and what it did to some of the races, except the caucasian people!

    • Tracey Young

      Wow. What do you expect when a world that still has honkies who use the n*** word. I guarantee you if you were face to face with any of them you would be mute.

    • daniese

      u r a sorry excuse for a human being i wonder if god was standing beside u would u have said that that could of been someone close to u funeral and that happen and a white person did it then wat would u have said

  • Mr Warren

    This is very disrespectful to the family ans well as the House of God. But what is just as disrespectful is when people have to wait until some advertisement that has nothing to do with the story finishes running before you can read the article. (Shame on You !)

  • thor nibus

    1200 people in church for the funeral of a GD????
    Why didn’t the clergy, parent(s), congreation help this po boy before he gots whacked!?!?
    House of God? Pullleeeez – that’s why there are so many athiests.

  • K. G.

    This story is just another example how the American Black community has rejected any attempts to better itself. This is a culture that in my opinion, continues to embrace violence, prejudice and victim-stance. The enrollment rates of Black males in colleges today is practically non-existent compared to it’s Caucasian counterparts. This is not a number that was created by “The Man”

    • http://yahoo.com loretta baker

      how dare you put all the apples in one barrel. yes there is violence but there are just as many positive and intelligent african americans doing the right thing.

      • Truth

        Oh please, stop saying ALL im so sick of every time someone makes a GENERAL statement some people always tries to make it seem as if this applies to EVERY SINGLE BLACK PERSON! Yes of course you have those FEW exceptions, but lets be honest MAJORITY rules dear and majority are in a doomed state :/ I am highly disappointed in the black community.

        • Lyndia

          Truth, why don’t you tell the truth. There are a lot of positives in the Black community. What level or darkness are you living at?

    • Lashae

      Your comment proves that there are so many hateful ignorant racist white ppl in this country. When they hear about mass murdering of white ppl, they never say a word you can hear crickets in the day time. As soon as a few black idiots commit a stupid act they all run out and shout any foolish bs they can pull from their mothers anal path. Sick POS.

      • Lyndia

        Yes, they do that all of the time. When a white boy does something crazy, like shooting up a show, shooting up a college campus, or high school. They are misunderstood youths or troubled kids, but oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo let a black person do something (never as henious as a white boy) they are savages, moneys or wild beasts. It is just double standards but they are to stupid to realzie it.

        • Will

          It’s not double standard Lyndia, It’s racist! But you are right. Whites look over the fact that they do a lot of things as well.. Lets see, what about the Batman movie incident. Or what about the white boy how was just arrested a few weeks ago for planning a mass shooting at to places,(A movie theater and a Walmart afterwards.. His mom found out what he was planning and told the cops.. She said he was mentally ill.. most of the difference is black do there killing outside, but whites do theirs behind closed doors. most blacks kill by gang violence and whites do the serial killing and mass killings with a little cannibalism.. Whites are more extreme and violent then black but we are said to b animals.. Foolish words by foolish whites!! Look at the skin heads. look at the kkk. They had to wear bed sheets to do their killings.. COWARDS!! lol come down ppl. I’m not racist. I’m just telling the real!!

          • Stacy

            Haha, of course you are racist..OMG. Whites are just plain crazy..blacks are just out of control with no thought to killing others..especially other blacks. Seems to me you are always saying whites are the serial killers..what about the black guy who killed 30 plus women in South Central in Los Angeles…Black as the ace of spades. There have been a few black serial killers….but blacks are just shooting up their neighborhoods for fun…The white who are doing the serial killing and shooting up of movie theatres are mentally ill nut jobs. Big difference. How come all the black neighborhoods look like trash and ghettos and NOT the white neighborhoods. Blacks move in and the trash follows.

    • http://webpronews thaman

      its a sad story and i hate it . but K.G i see you full of shit so what did you have to say about killin up all our troops and i’m pretty sure your community is fuck up to so get a LIFE…..

    • kay

      Really? you’re playing the race card in this tragic situation. Since you are, there is “white on white” crime as well. Tune in to Nancy Grace…can you count the white, blond, blue-eyed girls that go missing?

    • Dee

      KG you are right, the numbers for black males in college are very low in comparison to their white counterparts. This is also true of Native Americans males and females and Hispanic males. The problem is the way they are treated in higher learning institutions. How do I know? My college has one committee with a million dollar budget that main job is to recruit black males to the college, it’s funny because it is staffed by seven white men. As is the committee that is in charge of recruit Native American students. They all but drag Native Americans to the campus pay for everything including room and board. They can’t keep either demographic in the student body. An independent education board completed an audit of the committees, the agenda and processes, the classroom that contained one or two of these demographics. Their conclusion was that the failure was with instuctors, especially white male instructions, they concluded that the white male instructors over the age 30, as is most, systematically ignored males of color of all races other than white, but especially blacks and hispanic males. They also stated that this behavior is consistent with most colleges across the nation. They dismiss young black males in 1st grade, that’s why we pulled my nephew out of public school and struggle to send him to private school. Dealing with the ignorance and discrimination constantly from grade school up makes it very difficult to feel like you can succeed and to get the help you need to succeed, like a teacher that partners in your success and help you find avenues to succeed.

  • lorraine

    I think there should be mandatory sterilization at age 12, not to be reversed until age 25. You need a license for everything else, why not kids too, which are our most important resource. Although we’re not allowed to drop kick our kids in public (or private!) anymore, there’s nothing wrong with a good ass whooping when needed. There should be buses outside of the graduation ceremony waiting to take these little darlings into the military for a year or two. I went to Catholic school for 12 years. We were taught respect, whether we liked it or not. My father died when I was little so my mom was a single parent. She didn’t take any crap, either. We’re too soft on these kids and these young black boys are doomed from birth because their mothers are only kids themselves.

    • kendra

      I totally agree i do bust my kids asses when they need it just because of incidents like these happening i was not sent to the military nor did igo to a private school my mother was a single mother and no i did not learn alot from her she let me learn on my own and i did i had a little bit of a wild side it never got too out of hand i had m papaw and my uncle that i never wanted to disappoint and thati respected with every fiber of my being and as far as i know i never disappointed them ppl need to stop letting the computers game systems and tv being the babysitters for their kids i mean where dothey think kids are learning alot of the violence from its not church

    • Truth

      So yea will you run for president next election please!

    • Yeah Right

      I’m also assuming you support a theocratic dictatorship?

    • Lyndia

      Back up lorraine, there are a lot of young mothers that are doing an EXCELLENT JOB OF RAISING THEIR CHILD/CHILDREN. It is the young parents who mother did a piss poor job of raising them. We may not want to admit it but it is a generational issue, among other things. I believe that we are to soft on these kids too. Many of them need their butt kicked until they learn some sense. However, many of them cannot help it because they were born with drugs in their system.

    • lagoy

      Time and time again i have heard anyone who does not agree with or approve of Obama, be called a racist, i mean really is that all u can come up with, people like or dislike him for their own reasons, some fact some opinion, as an american u have the right to like/dislike, agree with/disagree with whom ever u choose,,,do you like every person u have ever met, do u agree with every person u have ever met and agree with how they choose to raise their children, treat their spouse, siblings, parents,ect..I think not, we are all different some people will like u some wont,,,sometimes for no good reason, nothing more than a clash in personality…Obama is as white as he is black, he was raised by white people, in my OPINION, we still have not had an actual black president,,Iam not an obama fan,,its my right not to be reguardless of reason really,,does every1 love their mother in-law??;) Just saying..

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    nahhh, not chicago. the land of thug OBAMA?

    • Lyndia

      The election is over. It is time to move on jonny rocket. You can’t can you? Cry baby.

      • Sharon

        Obama is the worst criminal of them all…stealing America’s Dreams.

        • Robert

          Obama? A criminal? What a brain washed FOX News robot you are. I swear that FOX News and the Drudge report creates more and more “Stepford Wives/Husbands” every day. You are being churned out in large numbers because they know what you fear and propogandize you. Leave behind the biased news. Go to journalistic organizations that have an exhaustive fact checking process as part of their journalistic endeavors. If you listen to Glen Beck and Limbaugh, you are not getting any information grounded in fact. You are getting thinly veiled racism. Obama is not a criminal. He is strong family man, a dedicated leader, and a brilliant politician. Hopefully, when he is done with his next four years, this country will have moved into a period of great prosperity for all. He will, once and for all, level the playing field. Make opportunity available to all. I have a Ph.D. and am well versed in rhetoric, the art and science of debate, and the false dichotomies that the distorted minds like yours use to fuel their fire. Get off the soap box and get into the new America. If you aren’t a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. Otherwise, I am just going to go bigoted back at ya and call you what you are most likely….an uneducated, poor white trailer trash asshole who listens to too much right wing radio to build your anger at the postive changes coming to our country. Oh…I am white.

  • KP

    I am choking on irony here. The very essence of a “gang banging” is to rob, rape, steal, and murder; all without regard or respect for the victims of these crimes. What is actually being endorsed here is the notion that it’s ok to participate in all these meniacal activities; just not at a funeral. By 1200 people no less. Are you kidding me?

    The use of the word “shocked” when used to describe this event is quite laughable. As if one’s life and property only have value in a church. What I find most disturbing is that there were babies there. I find that tantamount to child abuse. Placing your child in an environment which is likely to cause great bodily harm or death. Absolutly foolish.

    Finally, if you want to play “big boy” games, the consequences have big boy prices. Death being the biggest of all. This russian roulette lifestyle has no rules and thus when death is the result it can never be shocking.

    • http://johnbrandon1980@yahoo.com johnbrandon1980@yahoo.com

      this is how blacks and latinos livemthe majority of there race are just a bunch of low class loser, look around at evry city everywhere who are the loser destroying it, blacks and spanish. while the rest of us whit poeople work to jobs these lowlife desrtoy and kill no one even feels sorry for them just crape them of the streets like a couple of dead chipmunks and throw them in the trash where they belong

      • Lyndia

        You are not telling the truth. If my memory serves me correctly, a white boy shot up a theatre several months ago.

        • Jack

          you uneducated moron. you can’t even think of something that makes sense. you’re right, that was SEVERAL months ago that some psycho did that. We can’t even go several HOURS without mentioning what some tough guy ‘gangbanger’ did. you are the complete downfall of this country

        • TRUTH TELLER


        • Brian

          Although Jack (He’s a tool…lol) thinks’ he knows it all, you make a valid point Lyndia. Truth Teller on the other hand is so ill-bred, he has no idea that you were politely making the same point he is ignorantly trying to make!! lol

          • jake

            seems like your hell bent on talking about other peoples opinion and not stating your own. Is that why your here? Like that fat kid bully in school making fun of peoples opinion lol. Like a fucking opinion critic hahaha

        • Louis

          Not to mention Lyndia, wasn’t it a white person that shot up that Sihk temple in Wisconsin? What about Columbine, Paducah, or the shooting in Arizona that almost killed Rep. Giffords and did in fact take the life of a NINE YEAR OLD GIRL. John, evil is evil no matter the color. Seems like you’re too big of a douchebag to realize that though.

        • Diamonds

          What you need to do is learn how to spell and stop being so hateful.

        • Stacy

          Yes, I agree, the white boy shot up the movie theatre…but he was CRAZY….Just like the crazy guy in Arizona…lots of whites are crazy…but blacks and just plain void of conscious…They are raised in this manner. Until the black race comes together and gets their act together….nothing will change. Blacks need to change their communities and be involved in helping to raise these worthless kids these worthless parents are producing. Whites can NOT and will not fix the black ghettos…

      • dedee

        You should check yourself for the comment that you made.So the real question is who started the drug dealing ,and shooting one another the WHITE PEOPLE!!! Yall brought that mess to our neighborhood of blacks and Latinos. Hmmmm, by the way y’all shooting each other too

      • Corey

        Response to john brandon your comments show how ignorant you are. You have good and bad in every race in america. I’m a hard woking tax paying respectable citizen and when you chracterize a certain race and think they everyone is alike that shows how small your brain (peabrain)really is

      • Brian

        How come it is always the ignorant redneck dumbass claiming to represent the white man’s opinion in the matter. All I have to say is this guy is not representing me! Let’s play a game and count how many times this jackass misspelled a word, and used fragmented sentences. He cannot even spell “white people” correctly! Lol…..JohnBrandon, do not talk shit about other races when you are so illiterate you struggle to put a sentence together!

      • Robert

        I see that you are losing yourself in a hate-filled, white man’s world of ignorance and self-deception. There is something to be said about minority violence, especially when it is at an all time high in some areas, but to generalize all African Americans and Latinos into the same category as gang members and drug dealers is a false correlation and specifically, mislead, irrevocably wrong, and more importantly, dangerous. One has to wonder about a person who would post such hate filled rhetoric. You are a bigot for sure. However, you are not ignorant. Indeed, ignorance implies a lack of knowledge. In today’s informatio age, you do not lack knowledge, you lack the ability to think critically. In other words, you’re just plain stupid. I am white, Ph.D. educated. I, too, worry about the violent crimes that seem to be sweeping the minority communities in our country. However, I do not believe it is the result of some cultural or genetic flaw in the minorites about which we are speaking. Rather, I believe it is a fatal flaw of poverty, dilapidated schools and housing, fear, and lack of connection to the American Dream due to the lack of import our leaders place on these communities. Indeed, send a young black kid into a school that is falling apart, the ceilings leak when it rains, it smells, air conditioning doesn’t work, the good teachers out there won’t work there (there are exceptions to this certainly), and a lack of parental involvement. What do you get, a student that sees no point in education, no point in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty, and a child who resorts to gangs to feel safe, feel loved, and have a chance at making some money in the drug trade. All the while, the suburban schools are constructing new buildings all the time, have technology, have expensive college prep programs and pay their teachers so well, they attract the strongest teachers. Kids feel a sense of pride when entering these schools, they take education seriously. There has to be a revolution on how we think about the relationships among crime, drugs, poverty, minorities, and education. The white race is soon to be the minority in this country. How are you going to explain away violene then? Mr. Brandon, you need some good ole book learnin or just shut your fucking mouth.

  • Bud

    I am tired of hearing white this, black that. I am also tired of hearing about the incidents that occur throughout our nation without any fear taking place. Everyone has their day and will one day have to answer to the man above. Enough said….He will do the judging!!

    • Jack

      who cares if you’re tired of it. Its the truth. If you can’t see that, then you’re fucked in the head. the absolute downfall of this country is black.

  • jj

    Instead of deer hunting where you need tags, we should have open season on gangbangers, no tags needed, the more gangbanger corpses, the better. The government should pay you a certain $$ amount for each dead gangbanger lowlife scumbag.

  • http://webpro Nene

    I’m moving out of Chicago in the summer. The crime in Chicago is bad but it gets worse in the summer time. I’m moving back to Minnesota where it’s integrated and they got resources. I don’t like living here anymore. How do you get shot at a funeral? I though death at a funeral was just a movie.

    • Stacy

      Why do you think whites move out of neighborhoods where blacks move in…because they all turn into ghettos. White Flight.

    • Stacy

      Why do you think whites move out of neighborhoods where blacks move in…because they all turn into ghettos. White Flight.

  • http://webpro Nene

    We as black people need to get it together and come together we are some very powerful people. We as a people gave birth to every other race, color, and creed. Back in Africa we were king and queens we started everything. Eygpt back then was like how America is now everybody wanted to be us and still do. We need to stop killing each other and come together and rise back up to the top again.

    • jj

      I’d be all for it if you did, but it will never happen. kids having kids, not just a kid, but like kids having multiple kids, no birth control and no family structure

    • jake

      dunno how black people can give birth to white people. havent seen it yet lol. Black people have come very very far, but really… africa is still fucked up. Just like the gangs here, you all kill each other to move forward. Smart men die from old age. Im from cali and loved my black friends there. moved to ohio and i hate niggers out here lol. Black people are WAAAYYY to impressionable. You see gangsters, and you need to be them. You dont see every white boy trying to be in the mafia. You all are throwing away what your grandfathers and mothers worked so hard for. stupid.

    • mr. smith

      I didnt know black people created Asian people. Last time I checked the Sumerians where here before the Egyptians. And the Chinese scriptures out dated the egyption scriptures. Why do Africans Americans always have to feel like they did something first. It’s not a competition.

    • mr. smith

      Why people still want to be like Egypt. Did you ever watch the news and see what’s going on. I hope you know Egypt is mostly full of arabic people. Oh, you didn’t. Keep up with your current event. Stop posting stuff up you don’t even know about. And America is the New Roman empire.

  • larry

    white people are the most igornant people in this world today.
    They can’t help it they just plain racist. They are ruining this world we live in with the bigotry yall fools are no better than any other race. Yall serial killers!

    • jake

      lol thanks for proving the means to show how ignorant* your ass is. Blame white people? This nation was born on the minds of white people, and on the backs of blacks, sold by your own kind. Sad you guys have no brotherhood

      • jj

        the reason why things are so messed up is because of entitlements.

      • jake

        btw your serial killer comment. funny as hell. even white killers know how to do it and get away with it long enough to keep doing it. we dont just run into a club we visit all the time and shoot a guy everyone knows we hate lol. stupid

    • jake

      btw, if a white people hates a black person its racist. I think its a cop out for just being a asshole. I love black people in california, but black people in ohio, straight up retarded ass NIGGERS. Fighting and ripping each other off for dollers, no love. BET, lawl. wheres WET lol. you bitches would cry and cry and cry, calling it racist. GROW UP BLACK PEOPLE AND STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET.

    • mr. smith

      Dumb Ass. A white guy didn’t go in there and shoot the place up. It was a black guy. So what do it have to do with white or black. You sound so stupid Larry.

    • Brian

      I think this string of posts sums up the fact that there are bad apples in every race. First you have Larry talking trash about white people and he does not even know how to spell “Ignorant”. Then you have a rebuttal by the redneck Jake with the blatantly racist comment that he thinks is justified! lol

      • jake

        anything but redneck son lol. born ny raised cali. just been around enough niggas to know. I admitted HOWEVER. that most of the black people i deal with are the slum of their society. Kinda a ignorant comment btw to call someone a redneck too, kinda defeats the purpose of what you were saying. ignorant ass fool lol

    • Stacy

      We might all be serial killers…but we do NOT just shoot up our own over and over again…Blacks are the most racist people of all. Until you except responsibility and parents start parenting their kids instead of smoking crack..your race is doomed. Black on black crime is a HUGE problem. You do NOT see white on white crime like the blacks…How come you don’t see this violence in the nice white neighborhoods???? Yes..most whites do NOT live in ghettos and most whites teach their kids to go on to college and get good jobs. Most whites are involved with their childrens schooling from kindergarten on. Most whites do not have a HUGE amount of fathers NOT around their kids with multiple fathers. Most whites get their kids into sports, cub scouts, girl scouts and keep them busy, most whites invest in their children without allowing them to run wild. I said MOST whites..not all.

  • Munchkin

    My condolences to the families and I hope the perpetrator gets caught. This could’ve happened in any neighborhood to any race. It’s amazing how the white racists always generalizes and stereotype when it comes to others (Blacks, Latinos) but they never admit fault when things happen within their own communities. They think they are better than others because of their skin color when the truth of the matter is they are usually the serial killers and mass murderers. Start taking responsibility for issues that occur in your own race before putting down others. Another thing, they hate Blacks so much but yet summer can’t come without them trying to darken their skin by tanning. They get botox injections to have fuller lips. They even get buttocks implants.

  • http://yahoo marti

    Yeah let them so at it, the law can not stop the gang problem so let kill each other, Just hire more city workers to clean up the trash. I do not care what color they are, Let the rest of us be happy to walk the streets at night or day…..please kill each you are of no use in our world of good people.

  • Howard

    It pains me to see the racial hate expressed in these comments. Gangs are not exclusively black or Latino. Criminials come in all colors, sizes and economic backgrounds. Is there a large problem in the black community of Chicago regarding criminal behavior? Yes. Was it caused because of genetics? No. The origins of these problems go way back, and I am not sure there are any answers. How many jails must we build? How much can we afford to pay to warehouse people? Education and family values seem to be threads of hope, but perhaps the “gangsta” culture has won the war of the poor and uneducated, and civilized people will suffer the consequences. That would be all civilized folks, white and black…rich and poor…and everybody in the middle just trying to get through another working day without going crazy.

    • http://yahoo marti

      Your wrong on this. I come from a family of 10 , 8 are gang 4 brothers 4 sisters welfare no jobs, get the picture, you make your own choice, Mine was school and finding that good job with a 401 k and buy a home in a nice town. My baby brother went to school then got his masters and a PHD. It is all about choice and how bad you are willing to work hard for it, some just want to take and take and take your life for what they do not have and never worked hard for. I hate gangs and I grew up with them…CHOICE CHOICE NOT COLOR RACE RICH POOR ITS CHOICE…..I AM A MEXICAN I MADE A CHOICE…….

  • jake

    I think black peoples fall is that they are attracted to shiny things. Does any african nation have a space program? no. they are content with america telling them everything about science. They are more interested in these shiny rocks that come from the ground! People give you money for them OMG!

    • urapig

      you’re a racist swine

    • Taja

      @ Jake…ur STUPID!!!

    • boner

      you are so clueless to life and everything in it. it is with sadness that people like you are still out walking around with that pinned up anger inside you. i can tell you had a tramatic young life experince that brought you to hate blacks. you probally work beside us everyday and laugh and joke with us also. in realilty you is just a punk. you want dare approach a black male and call him out his name in fear you will get your ass kicked so beaware of what you saying. it come back on you player

    • http://yahoo fairfactor

      Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ben Carson are just two of many highly intelligent Blacks.The space program,ha!Here’s funny about that subject.We don’t have one because your barbaric caveman mentallity is set to take over everything.Take,take,take!We don’t think like that.Those aliens will not allow you take anything but lasers to your grill.By the way,Ben was the first to seperate conjoined twins.After the entire so called smart races tried he succeeded.We’ve contributed more than people no.

    • Alice White

      @jake yes you are silly. Go study.

  • Slim

    I’m just looking at everyone’s comments & white people are so angnotary still dwelling on the election look crackers & I’m not a racist but I don’t blame you for a dam thing that goes on in my life it’s punks in every race but what can you do but be right yourself control you & nobody else mind your own & protect your own fuck what anybody thinks about you take care of your own live by that code.

  • Phil

    Wait a minute. Chicago has a law against guns. They can’t do that. handguns are illegal in Chicago.

  • mr. smith

    You know what the problem is. You have to blame it on parenting. And don’t say its not true. I got whipped everyday, my mother set me straight from the very gate what’s right and what’s wrong. Most people don’t give a ish about their child, no matter the skin color. It’s true. But if you want to go by statistics. It’s more black people killing blacks, robbing people, murdering people. Work for your ish. Nothing in life is free. You want to take the easy route then fine. I got robbed three times and all three times it was black people. What that say for you. It’s not even statistics anymore. Work for your ish. What you do will reflect on your future. You don’t see Asian people or white people going out side and masses beating up people for no reason. No, you don’t. Get on your child. Know what the freak they are doing. My mother always did. Whipp that Ass till they never ever think about doing anything dumb again.

    • MarleyT

      Stop making this a race issue. Blacks do this and blacks do that. Um? excuse me so does white people. White and black people rob and steal and kill everyday. Don’t just blame it on black people. You can blame it on parenting. Then again you can’t, you can whoop a child until their ass is blue but they are going to do what they want to do. Just because you teach a kid that something is wrong doesn’t mean that they are going to apply that lesson to their life. SO therefore, blame it on that person and not the race as a whole. Its all about applying whats being taught. Their are many families where there is that one kid that does wrong and the other children are doing good. Can you still blame that on parenting. I didn’t think so. Think before you speak. No one comments and say hey another white kid shot up another school, mall, or military base. So hush your mouth with negative comments. Thank You!

    • richardo brandon

      i feel that insted of sending troops over seas they need to have our troops take a stand in the inter citys ones and 4 all

  • http://yahoo marti

    Hint, all gangs should be put on an Iceberg for the bears to eat, they need food.

  • derek

    Chicago has the most clueless administrators. They want to tax the sale of guns; Saying that that will help reduce gun crime.
    They’ve got the most restrictive antigun laws in the Midwest. The only folks that are suffering are the law abiding citizens. The gangsters
    do’nt have to worry about Joe Citizen. He cannot have a firearm legally !

  • MarleyT

    Stop making this a race issue. Blacks do this and blacks do that. Um? excuse me so does white people. White and black people rob and steal and kill everyday. Don’t just blame it on black people. You can blame it on parenting. Then again you can’t, you can whoop a child until their ass is blue but they are going to do what they want to do. Just because you teach a kid that something is wrong doesn’t mean that they are going to apply that lesson to their life. SO therefore, blame it on that person and not the race as a whole. Its all about applying whats being taught. Their are many families where there is that one kid that does wrong and the other children are doing good. Can you still blame that on parenting. I didn’t think so. Think before you speak. No one comments and say hey another white kid shot up another school, mall, or military base. So hush your mouth with negative comments. Thank You! :)

    • Shannon

      Marley…I agree with you 100%. I’ve seen so many examples of rotten kids who came from the best parents and families…and I’ve seen equal amount of awesome kids who came from the most terrilbe families. Of course a person has a better chance if they come from a good family and a decent hood…but it certainly is no guarantee. A lot of these kids don’t have jack…and maybe with only a Mom trying to parent. A Mom who might be working two jobs too. Whipping ass Mr Smtih? That’s it? I think what they need more is HOPE. Hope for an education or a job. I betcha you had that.

    • Tony

      excuse me so does white people. I rest my case.

      • Shannon

        Your case? Wow. White people do the same crap. Shooting up theaters,schools,federal buildings and places of worship. If you are suggesting that there is some ‘violent DNA’ based on skin color you need some SERIOUS educating.

  • N/A

    Not to sound insensitive, but when you’re in a gang…
    …not only do you hurt yourself, you hurt the people around you!


    And, as they say…
    …karma’s a b***h!


    What’s next? shooting up hospitals? Come on people. When are we going to start making a real effort to curb illegal gun trafficking. Eliminating legal guns won’t do anything until we actually decide to combat illegal guns.

  • N/A

    Don’t worry, people! Unless the shooter repents and gives his life to Jesus… God will get him in the end! He desecrated God’s holy place! He’ll pay for that one! But, then again… who am I to judge?

    • Michael

      No truer word could be spoken you are exactly right, God is the final judge

  • http://Yahoo Dave

    How are those stricter gun laws working out for you Chicago?

  • http://yahoo GOODGIRL

    ALL I CAN SAY U LIVE BY THE SWORD U DIE BY THE SWORD…………….,and if u lived ur life like this when u was alive,others around catch what they didnt finish off u,u died a eazy death so they r going to punish the rest.

  • bonita west

    Much prayer is needed for our country. We should live and love while we can. Life can change or end in an instant.

  • betty

    Both races need to know that we are all human,crated by one creator.It does matter whether black or white but unity and love for one another is what counts.Colour is not the cause of evil

  • Bubba

    When you act a fool, you get a fool. And ya’ll be fools folded over a fool, topped with a fool, and served with a side dish of fool. Fool.

  • http://www.softbrand.jp/ ???????

    The crux of your writing while appearing agreeable initially, did not work well with me personally after some time. Somewhere within the sentences you actually were able to make me a believer unfortunately just for a while. I however have a problem with your jumps in logic and one might do well to fill in all those gaps. If you can accomplish that, I would definitely be impressed.

    • Spud McGooglestein

      Since when is a 32 year old man considered a “young man”? When is he considered just a man or an elderly man?
      Now my comments to you fellow readers; Where does it say in this article that this person, the victims or the “suspected” shooter were black or white? And since when are there only two races?
      And finally, When are these street gangs and their members going to be charged under the federal RICO act? If memory serves me it is illegal to belong to a criminal organization…yet apparently that is another law that law enforcement chooses to unenforce.

    • Alice White

      I agree 1200 people is a huge funeral but especially for a gang leader or member.

  • Daatdude

    I can’t beleive that there were 1200 people in this church at one time…
    Was this guy like a gang leader are something because I am a GD meaning Folks and I have never witness 1200 people at any of the funerals I been at so to answer the question asked NO I can’t imagine 1200 people running out of that church

  • Daatdude

    ((((((((((((RIP FOLK))))))))))

  • Platnium Washington

    What in the world is going on here? I read that people cannot mourn in peace without violence. This is a crying shame. Why are these fools going into funerals committing crimes? How many funerals are they trying to committ here? You are committing a crime in the house of the Lord. But don’t worry. He already saw what happened. So as the saying goes,”What comes around, goes around.”

  • jj

    Blacks ruin everything. Why do you always want to gangbang? What is the point. I don’t my to offend but what is the point? Is it rap music or you just don’t respect human life. You try to kill the other gang and then kill a toddler or mother holding her child. I hope you enjoy your afterlife in hell.

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