Two Percent Of UK Traffic Heads To Facebook

    January 15, 2008

Due to the state of the American economy, we’re getting used to seeing "down" graphs.  Not everything would make a good left-to-right ski slope, however, and a representation of UK Internet traffic to Facebook would be absolutely terrible.

Robin Goad, the research director of Hitwise UK, reveals, "Facebook’s market share of UK internet visits to All Categories increased to 2.01% in December."  To put this in perspective, he then adds, "Facebook’s market share has increased 10-fold over the past 12 months."Two Percent Of UK Traffic Heads To Facebook

This isn’t too shocking, since in July of last year, we saw searches for Facebook overtake queries for MySpace.  Still, given various issues that cropped up in the meantime – Beacon, application spam, and so on – it’s interesting to see the fast growth continue.  Also, it’s gone on in spite of an apparent reluctance (at least in some circles) to use Facebook for business networking.

UK’s social networking scene isn’t a mirror of the US’s, however, and it may not be much good as a leading indicator thanks to the presence of Bebo.  Facebook will have to take this victory in stride without pausing any of its improvement programs.