Two More Publishers Talk About Blocking Google

MediaNews Group, A.H. Belo will erect pay walls

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A couple of major publishers are siding with (or at least edging towards) Rupert Murdoch in the News Corp./Google content dispute.  MediaNews Group and A.H. Belo execs have said that they’re interested in keeping Google away from parts of their sites.

Let’s talk about MediaNews Group first.  It operates 54 daily newspapers with a combined daily circulation of 2.4 million.  Corresponding websites are part of the mix, as are a TV station and some radio stations.

Google LogoAs for the organization’s take on blocking Google, CEO Dean Singleton told Greg Bensinger and Brian Womack that some pay walls are going up next year, and "[t]he things that go behind pay walls, we will not let Google search to, but the things that are outside the pay wall we probably will, because we want the traffic."

Then there’s A.H. Belo to consider.  It owns and operates four papers and 12 sites, and is weighing a similar approach.  Only Executive Vice President James Moroney seemed less than interested in search traffic, saying, "It’s akin to a person who drops into town, buys one copy of your newspaper and leaves town again and yet you spend a whole bunch of time building your business around that type of customer."

The idea of keeping Google away from content appears to be gaining a bit of momentum, then, and with some additional prodding from Microsoft, Rupert Murdoch’s idea could go further than critics first expected.

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Two More Publishers Talk About Blocking Google
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  • http://www.medlawplus.com medlaw

    A.H. Belo needs to crawl out of the cave he has been living in and make some attempt to understand how the web business works. Google is like a person who stops by from out of town and buys one paper?

  • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

    Google has shown aboslutely no respect to any of these publishers and quite frankly they have brought on the age of mass syndication… no attempts by them have ever been made to block duplicate content or near duplicate content. They have never attempted to find the “source”. Google is most likely the worst thing to ever happen to these publishers. Not to say that Yahoo and MSN and Ask were any better, but come on… Google turned the publishing industry inside out. Maybe they are the scapegoat? But obviously people are not going to let things just happen without at least playing with the rules a little. That’s what corporations do… Isn’t it?

  • http://Lillicotch.com Jim L

    Suicidal fools who have no idea of how the online world works these days. These morons think that they own the news.

    I’m sure it will still be someone else’s fault when they go bankrupt in the next year or two.

  • Anonymous

    I understand why a company would feel that way because they don’t want to give away everthing for free they have to make money somehow

  • http://www.neeshdesign.com.au Lance

    I can’t see the problem with any of this. You can control what search engines see in your site and even manually request with the search engines what you don’t want indexed. Robot.txt files, password protected areas etc, so many options to choose from to control the traffic coming to your sites. The search engines are “free” directories for the web and the majority of people want traffic coming to their site. Yes, traditional media has been hit hard by the web but as in all business you have to adapt to change and they certainly have a lot of resources behind them to be able to be innovative in this area you would think. Am I missing the point somewhere?

  • Guest

    Blah blah blah let them do what they want. It’s their site, they can do what they want with it.

    If they are so confident, why don’t they just do it. No , instead they have to cry out we are getting off Google. Why? Well because they aren’t so sure, that’s why.

    They think that viewers are so hardcore that if they can’t be found on Google people will fire up another search engine to find them instead of clicking on the first link available.

    – Kostas

  • http://www.freebieads.co.uk/childhood-memoir.html memoir

    The fantastic thing about the web is the multiplicity of news sources. And Google is the best when it comes to finding the latest news. Snub Google at your peril!

  • Cue Tea

    Rupert Murdoch is a pretty savvy exec, and will be quietly laughing to himself at innumerable upcoming board meetings as some minor junior employee presents the latest revenue report on how much Bing has paid them and how the traffic will be ultimately increasing, not decreasing – and at a comfortable pace, too. Just the continuing ‘short term’ -but not that short term- advertisement of having all the other media squirm over this charming little advertising+revenue generating idea, including your publication, is going to make Murdoch even wealthier. Deep in his heart, Murdoch will be thanking you, all of you, as he goes off to a fine dinner at some really lovely (and frankly, rather expensive+exclusive) restaurant! Nice food and nice beverages, for sure – and free, thanks to you all. What a wonderful advertising campaign! Plus, he will get paid handsomely for launching it, and by one of the largest and most desperate companies in the world: Microsoft. May you all make such “huge mistakes” in your businesses! Go ahead, squirm over yesterday’s traffic percentages! Murdoch got big by thinking strategically, not by squirming over tactical analyses. Decisions like these “separate the men from the boys,” was the old saying… Funnily enough, Microsoft will think that they are getting the best part of the deal. Ha ha. The fresh, free money for Murdoch’s projects will be great and the free publicity even better! Why give away for free what you can get paid for to give away? Murdoch will truly get the last laugh…at ALL of YOU! Mais oui, “Bon appetit, cher Rupert!”

  • http://www.MyOrlandoAgent.com Scott Taylor

    That’ll teach ’em! I love it!

  • Guest

    Google BANS and CENSORS academic websites!!! They’re also the BANE of small business owners because they regularly ban web publishers, relegate them to “smart pricing” etc. They also refuse to respond to the majority of messages that publishers send to them. They make BILLIONS off the backs of small business owners yet could care less about them. Kudos to NewsCorp, Microsoft and EVERYONE else who is sticking it to Google. Google claims to not do evil, but they practice just the opposite on a regular basis.

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