Two More Important Yahoos Leaving

    September 17, 2008

It appears that the small boxes used to carry office supplies and personal effects are still in high demand at Yahoo.  New reports indicate that Amit Kumar and Kiersten Hollars – two relatively high-ranking employees – are expected to move some within the next week or so.

Kumar is Yahoo Search’s director of product management, and it’s his name that has been attached to most of the company’s communications regarding SearchMonkey.  Erick Schonfeld writes that he’ll now be traveling to the more upscale-sounding Dapper to serve as vice president of product management.

Amit Kumar
 Amit Kumar

Kumar’s departure could be considered similar to that of Adam Hyder, who left in August and was in charge of Yahoo’s Advertising Management Platform (AMP).  Yahoo’s cutting-edge projects just don’t seem to be holding its people’s attention.

As for Hollars, her current business cards read "Director of Communications, Yahoo."  But Michael Arrington notes that she’ll "shortly be leaving the company to lead Digg’s communication team."  Also, "Hollars previously reported to Brad Garlinghouse, who announced his departure in mid June.  Her previous boss, Bradley Horowitz, is also gone – he left for Google in February."

Yahoo’s still losing employees like mad, in other words.  Box makers, at least, should benefit.