Twitter’s MoPub Launches Native Ads For Mobile Apps

    December 12, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Twitter’s MoPub has launched a new native advertising offering, calling it the “first programmatic-enabled native ads platform for mobile apps.”

Messaging service Tango is one of the launch partners. Here’s a look:

Native Ads

“Native ads are one of the most talked about topics in advertising, but there has yet to be a scalable and accessible solution for mobile app developers,” says Jim Payne on the MoPub blog. “Native ads offer an opportunity to monetize your app more effectively by matching the original content’s look and feel, maintaining the same great experience for your users. Before today, publishers told us that building one-off, custom ad experiences was too resource intensive and difficult to execute to be practical.”

“MoPub’s native ads product gives you the ability to work with direct advertisers, promote your own features and apps, and drive more revenue from one of the over ninety-five demand partners on MoPub Marketplace,” he says. “This single solution means you can provide a customized ad experience for your partners without building custom campaigns for each advertiser.”

Twitter acquired MoPub in September, saying it would use the mobile ad exchange in its own Twitter Ads platform.

This week, Twitter launched broad match for its own keyword targeting.

Image: MoPub

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    Mopub’s new product is a huge step forward for native advertising on mobile. The scalability issue is probably one of the most discussed issues for native ads and we need a solution before native advertising becomes mainstream.

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