Twitterrific 2.0.2 Fixes All Known Twitpocalypse Errors

    June 15, 2009

UPDATE: Twitterrific 2.0.2 has been approved by Apple’s Application Store. Below is message from the official site…

The free version of Twitterrific 2.0.2 has been approved and is now propagating through the App Store. It will take some time before all time zones see the update, but it has been released. We’re still waiting on approval for the Premium version, but at the very least, Premium users can download the free app as a work around until it hits the store. Our thanks to Apple for their speedy response to helping us get 2.0.2 out the door!

This past Friday we told you about the Twitpocalypse’s first victim, popular iPhone app Twitterrific.

Well it seems that all known issues, in regards to the Twitpocalypse, have been fixed with the upcoming release of Twitterrific 2.0.2.

Twitterrific 2.0.2

Now they just need approval from Apple’s Application store.

That’s right, before they can restore service to their loyals Apple fans… they need approval. But, this shouldn’t come as a shock since they forsaw this issue when they first announced the Twitpocalypse issues this past Friday.

"We are investigating a fix to the bug as we speak, but it may take some time to get the fix completed and through the App Store approval process."

So Twitterrific fans are forced to sit and twiddle their thumbs, while the app gathers dust in a queue awaiting approval.

Will Apple expedite the approval process? Let’s hope so as some Twitterriffic users have already began to use other apps.

Twitterrific user switch

Can Twitterriffic get most of their users back, or was the Twitpocalypse a huge fail whale for them?