Twitterers Say David Carradine Found Dead

Information Continues to Unfold

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I have not seen any official confirmation of this news yet, only what I have seen on Twitter from the past minute, but a few of Twitterers so far are saying that Kung Fu and Kill Bill star David Carradine has been found dead.

According to the Breaking News Wire, it was an apparent suicide.

David Carradine dead?

David Cararadine Again, this information is unconfirmed, and there have certainly been plenty of hoaxes and bad information reported via Twitter in the past, but we’ll see as the story unfolds.

Also look to FamousDeadDB for additional info on the matter (unless of course he is found to be alive and well).

If the news is true it is a sad day, and we’d like to express our sympathies to David’s loved ones. He was a fine actor, who was way underused.

Update: As the Tweets roll in, the story seems to suggest that it was a suicide in a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The words "natural causes" have also been thrown around.

Update 2: 
Though there is no link, one Twitterer claims a Thailand newspaper is reporting he hung himself:

Carradine Hung?

Again, none of this is confirmed, but either way it’s an interesting look into the Twitter "news" machine.

Update 3: BBC News has now picked the story up, and claims to have spoken with his manager:

The 72-year-old was in Thailand filming his latest film Stretch, according to his personal manager Chuck Binder.

Mr Binder said the news was "shocking", adding: "He was full of life, always wanting to work… a great person."

No word on the cause here.

Update 4: A newspaper quoted by Huffington Post is now reporting: 

"Kung Fu" and "Kill Bill" star David Carradine was found hung himself in a closet in a hotel room in Bangkok on Wednesday, Thai police said.

Police believed he committed suicide.

Update 5: David Carradine’s legacy has quickly taken over Twitter. Currrently 5 out of 10 trending topics are abou thim.

Update 6: According to the AP, a police officer confirmed that he was found hanging naked in the closet of the hotel room. Apparently he used a cord that was used with the room’s curtains.

Update 7: Interesting new information being reported by TMZ:

Now we know why David Carradine‘s family thinks foul play may have been involved in the actors death — his manager tells us Carradine was found with his hands tied behind his back.

Chuck Binder, Carradine’s manager, tells us he firmly believes Carradine did not take his own life — nor does he think David died accidentally. Binder says the family has been told Carradine’s hands were immobilized by the rope.

TMZ also reports that the hotel has been slow handing over video surveillance to the cops.

Twitterers Say David Carradine Found Dead
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  • http://www.wefight4you.com Upland Lawyer

    I remember watching the old Kung Fu movies when I was a kid, and it’s so sad to (if it’s true) to see him go. He was awesome in Kill Bill and he had a calm presence in front of the camera.

    • Chris Crum

      I really liked him in Kill Bill also. In fact, it is one of my favorite movies (if you count the two as one film, as it was intended). The film kind of put him back in the spotlight, the way Tarantino films often do for actors (remember where Travolta was before Pulp Fiction?).

    • Guest

      He is/was a fine actor woefully under employed. The bit about the closet and hanging brings to mind erotic asphyxiation. If true he wouldn’t be the first famous person to die thus.

      • Chris Crum

        I hate to say it, but I was kind of thinking the same thing. The whole naked thing makes you wonder, but I don’t want to jump to any conclusions.

  • http://clickh.net/ clickH

    it’s starting to look, sadly, like it is indeed the case


    David carradine was a very spiritual person. He had zest for life and an eagerness to keep on exploring and growing. It is my belief that because of his lifelong seeking of Higher consciousness and the fact that they are now leaking from thialand that his hands were tied behind his back when they found him hung, NO WAY did this man want to kill himself! it would have been a slap in the face to all he believed and saught spiritually. If in fact DC is Gone from this earth I will mourn his death, but be blessed by the many videos, writings and films he shared with us all. I am especially fond of his Tia chi writtings and video… My sympathies to all his family and his brother.
    I hope He is in Heaven medatating with the great One. Peace.

  • http://www.yain.com Edward Han

    Back in those days, I loved watching his acting in the Kung Fu shows on TV. I remembered those words like: Snatch the pebble from my hands. It was the part when his master asked him to snatch the pebble from his hand and if he can then it was time for him to leave the temple.

    So sad that he had come to his death in this manner.

    May his soul be blessed.

  • http://www.jazzvibe.com Mike Freeman

    Either the Thai police are really stupid or there’s a very big cover up.

    Isn’t Thailand where they kill drug dealers and put people in jail for having long hair… I wonder what they do to murderers?

    This whole thing reminds me of the questionable circumstances of Bruce Lee’s death.


  • http://piadfocusgroup.net PaidFocusGroups

    Carridine died of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation. It is where you cut off circulation to your windpipe by simulating hanging (usually found in closet) What happens is they try to get a high from cutting off their oxygen, but then they go too far and pass out, then actually di hang themselves. It is also not uncommon for them to tie something to their genitals to increase the intensity of the experience.

    His hands were not bound; just his neck and genitals.

    • http://randomplaza.com Doctor Gregory House M.D.

      You know I’ve heard of some times where they murder people and then make it look like death by auto erotic asphyxiation. And by some times, I mean once on a Saturday Night Live skit.

    • Shocked

      I love how you know everything about what happened to someone else in another country. The only ways you could possibly KNOW how he died is if you had a hand in killing him, or you watched him die.

      It has been confirmed that his hands, privates, and neck were all bound. Clearly NOT a suicide, like the local police claimed.

      Why would he tie his own hands, if he was involved in a sexual act? Not only why, but HOW? Also, why would ANY 72 year old man do that to himself, when all his friends and family confirm he was happy, and working on a new film?

      Why will it take them so long to complete the autopsy? (That’s very fishy by itself; they don’t want to hand the body over to our guys? Why not?)

      Why did the police call it suicide, when it clearly was not? Why did the hotel refuse to hand over the video footage INSTANTLY?

      Rather odd that it happened in another country, at such an old age, if he was really a “deviant” for much of his life.

      The fact remains that he had enemies, and his death is VERY suspicious.

      You should shut your mouth and admit it was either a tragedy, or murder, but you have no idea which is was.

  • Guest from iowa

    David’s death is still a mystery. His family and people who knows him says he would not commit suicide nor would he perform auto erotic asphyixation. I have read in some websites that his death is still under investigation and his autopsy results will take three weeks to find out from Thailand.

    His family made arrangements to have an autopsy here in the US as soon as his body comes back from Thailand.

  • Temudjin

    Scotland Yard or Interpol would do a better investigation. Other then he’s from America.

    Personally I prefer Britan’s S.I.S.

  • http://hookahbowl.com Tobamel

    I’m leaning toward the “Assassination by a secret Kung Fu Sect” theory as the most plausible explanation for Carradine’s death

  • Kim

    Carradine’s death is the topic of the new book, “David Carradine: The Eye of My Tornado”. The book is by one of Carradine’s ex wives and it should be out soon. I found it on Amazon.

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