Twitter Working on Document for Business Use

    July 22, 2009
    Chris Crum

You’ve probably read a ton of articles about different ways businesses are using Twitter. This goes for both large and small brands. I’ve certainly written a handful of them myself.

Twitter recognizes that businesses are finding interesting ways to use its services, and the company is thrilled about it. In fact, today Co-founder Biz Stone wrote a blog post about it, specifically mentioning a recently created initiative from Best Buy called "Twelpforce." You may have heard of this. It has been pretty widely discussed throughout the Blogosphere.

To further encourage the business use of Twitter, Twitter itself is working on what could be some guidelines, or perhaps just a collection of examples for businesses to take note of.

"We’ve been studying how customers and businesses interact and derive value from Twitter," says Stone. "From this research, findings, use cases, and best practices have emerged. We’re putting together a document based on our studies and we’ll find a spot on our web site to share it with everyone when it’s ready."

It will be very interesting to see what this document includes. For example, what is encouraged, and what is frowned upon perhaps. Either way, it may give business owners and marketers some good ideas for how they should be using Twitter to engage with customers.