Twitter Will No Longer Sit Idly By While You Spam Them

So don't!

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Twitter has never claimed to be perfect. In fact, their well-publicized downtime from a couple months back sparked the creators to acknowledge that they had a lot of work to do, to make Twitter the best it could be.

Further showcasing both its imperfections, and its team taking action to correct them, is a recent post on the Twitter blog claiming that they are "turning up the heat on spam." Twitter has a few new weapons in its arsenal to do just that:

- Suspended Accounts

– Community Powered Alerts, and

– Dedicated Personnel

Twitter launched a new admin tool, which will supposedly make spam more visible to its support team, and help them properly suspend offending accounts. They are also watching Twitterers who block spam accounts, so they can get a better feel where the spam is coming from.

They are even hiring new full-time employees whose jobs will be nothing more than to work with the support team, and eliminate spam from the network. This is a sign that they are indeed taking the spam issue seriously, which should make users happy.

They do say, "As always, fighting spam is a sustained activity. There is no magic wand we can wave or switch we can flip to make it all go away." You may have to bear with them for a while, but with the new efforts in place, its hard to imagine that they won’t at least put a huge dent in the problem.

Twitter Will No Longer Sit Idly By While You Spam Them
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  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    Spam, spam, spam….what is it? I am a fairly new web site owner and one of the marketing strategies I was told to utilize was social marketing which included commenting on blogs, articles and using sites like Twitter, Digg and Delicious.

    Unknowinly, I left my name and web site url as my signature after leaving a comment on one web site and quickly got banned for spamming. The comment box had an icon for linking so I gathered that it was find to leave a link. Silly me!

    After much work in trying to reach the moderators and discuss the problem I apologized and they reinstated me but I feel sorry for anyone who may not understand the definition of spam and how it applies to sites like Twitter.

    If any site is goinig to crack down on spam, they should make it clear and very visible what they determine spam to be and the consequenses for violating the policy. Not once but everytime a comment is made.

    Often times, the above mentioned policy is there as part of the sign up process and hard to find later. Most people gloss over all of that text and just want to get on with surfing the site. 

    I’m sure there are those who know what spamming is and just don’t care but some of us want to be respectful of the policies, we just need a little help understanding it.

    • Chris Crum

      You make a good point Debbie. Different sites have different policies on spam. I actually talked about this in a SmallBusinessNewz article a while back.

      You’re probably right in that sites should clearly lay out what they do consider as spam, because what may fly on one site, may not on another. I’m sure it is frustrating when you’re legitimately trying to market your business based on what you think is ok, but is deemed not so by others.

      Unfortunately, most sites aren’t so clear about it and it really just comes down to having to use your own judgment.

  • Guest

    Since people have to follow you to see what you write on Twitter, there really is no such thing as Twitter spam.

    Is my TV spamming me if I choose to watch it?

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