Twitter Was Divided Over Sony’s E3 2012 Press Conference

    June 5, 2012
    Zach Walton
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We reported yesterday on Microsoft’s E3 press conference and the subsequent Twitter reaction. Needless to say, denizens of the Twitterverse were not amused or entertained. This led to many of us wondering if Twitter would give the same treatment to Sony’s E3 press conference. It seems that it’s more of a mixed bag this time around.

Sony definitely won more people over by sticking to games and only games. I remember the days when Sony used to just tout sales numbers and tell us how awesome the PS2 was still doing instead of focusing on actual games. It seems becoming second to Microsoft earned them some humble pie. Instead of focusing on sales and content acquisitions like Microsoft, Sony spent most of their time on games and only games.

Unfortunately, not all was good with the Twitterverse. Just like Microsoft’s over excited pitch for Internet Explorer on Xbox 360, Sony killed all momentum by presenting a demo for its admittedly cool Wonderbook. The only problem was that the demo was boring and did not present the technology in the best light.

Despite what I may think, Twitter is more in tune with the cosmos of gaming. Let’s look to them to find true insight into how Sony fared during their showing at E3 2012:

Sony presser starts with a montage of games. You hear that, Microsoft? GAMES. #E3
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“What if books let you explore other worlds?” BOOKS DO THAT! THAT’S WHAT BOOKS ARE ALREADY! #Sony #E3
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Sony are putting on a better Ubisoft show than Ubisoft did #E3
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I love that Sony is sticking to games so far. I respect a company just showing its wares and being all, ”Yep.” #E3
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@LikChan same here. Actually really surprised #Sony didn’t even mention Gravity Rush. Has me a bit bummed about the #PSVita‘s horizon. #e3
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I think Sony stole the show at #E3 some cool exclusives.
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This #E3 has convinced me that Sony is finally back on track and that Microsoft is about to blow it.
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Caught up with all of the #E3 stuff last night and this morning. Ubisoft impressed me. Sony? Not so much.
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Last night’s Sony press conference was awesome! Beyond, The Last of Us and God of War all look amazing! #E3
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Staying up to watch Sony at #E3 was a bad choice purely for how tired I am now, but good for getting to see them fail with Wonderbook :p
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Sony’s Wonderbook demo had promise, and then executed on stage with the finesse of Ron Weasley using his broken wand. #E3 #E3onG4
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Sony have JK Rowling. Instant millions. #E3
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For a company that actually has a 3D TV meant for gamers, Sony really showed no interest in 3D yesterday at their press conference. #E3
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  • Morganfell

    Comments by Demelza Ward, who works for a Wii site are an example of one of the current problems with reporting on the game industry. He stated it was good to see Sony fail? That type of adolescent and infantile mentality coupled with internet access is why poor attempts at journalism have made most writing in the game industry pure trash lacking in objectivity or insight.

    Over bloated egos that believe they are more important than the games on which they report as well as a total misunderstanding they write about the industry, they are not in the industry makes such remarks as his a disservice to all gaming fans. He is reporting on, not in, the game industry.

    Gaming and what it means to people, right. Something about which people such as this Demelza have forgotten.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      He was on Twitter and he’s allowed his opinion. It’s only if he starts spouting that kind of stuff in a news article that would get him into trouble. The biggest threat to game journalism is gamers not understanding that opinions are allowed. They treat reviews as if they’re fact and get angry when somebody gives a game they like a poor score.

      Twitter is wonderful because it gives these guys who are obvious fanboys a place to make their statements in peace without putting into their articles or editorials. You can use Twitter to report, sure, but that was not the case in this instance.

      Also, just don’t let it get to you. There are plenty of great game journalists who are doing amazing work. Don’t let one ruffle your feathers and ruin your E3. Enjoy it and let’s all just have fun with why we’re all here – the games.

  • Morganfell

    It’s one thing when it is just an opinion. But here is an individual who, though his site is allied with a hardware/software manufacturer, should be about promoting the industry rather than applauding the failure of certain aspects. Pointing out why something failed, warning what may lead to failure are completely different things from celebrating failure.

    Game journalism has become rife with nothing but opinion. Wonder and insight are two elements that are far more endangered, much more scarce than opinion. The remnants of game journalism are little more than angst ridden teenagers or 20 somethings trying to point out what they don’t like about the industry. This caterwauling is one which they see from the outside but for which they themselves have no talent. Opinion pieces these days boil down to “I didn’t get my way”.

    Laughing over failure and writing about said enjoyment isn’t an opinion piece in the classic journalism sense and that is sad. Instead it is a troubled child celebrating as he pulls the wings off of flies or laughs when an old person falls. That isn’t opinion, it’s an issue of personality in finding such entertainment. In this case, entertainment in failure of part of an industry which he purports to enjoy. That is hardly opinion.