Twitter Users Are More Social And Politically Active

Twitter users more likely to blog and share videos

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Americans who use Twitter are more likely than the average adult to be highly active on the Internet and in their communities, according to new survey by Gfk MRI.

The survey found people who use Twitter are highly active when it comes to blogging, video sharing and posting reviews. They are 506% more likely than the average U.S. adult to write a blog, 451% more likely to upload or add video to a Web site, and 314% more likely to post a comment or review on a blog, online forum, message or bulletin board. These active Internet users are also 269% more likely to own an electronic book reader.


In addition to being active online, Twitter users are also socially and politically active. For instance, they index highly for all 17 of the public activities measured by GfK MRI. They are 209% more likely to have written something that has been published, 142% more likely to participate in environmental groups/causes, 141% more likely to be an active member of any group that tries to influence public policy or government, and 103% more likely to have attended a political rally, speech or protest in the last 12 months.

‘GfK MRI data clearly indicate that Twitter users are an influential group of people, engaged in a variety of public activities, and willing to share their thoughts through blogging and published works," said Anne Marie Kelly, SVP, Marketing and Strategic Planning at GfK MRI.

"This group of people is also probably interested in finding that next big trend, as illustrated by their higher-than-average ownership of electronic book readers."


Twitter Users Are More Social And Politically Active
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    Hi. Interesting post. However i do wonder.

    Image you are in a bar and a friend introduces you to one of their friends. You say how, hows things, have you had a good night?

    There response is then to become social. On Twitter.

    Now I don’t consider myself to be a social highlight of more than four or five good friends. However, this “person” has just blanked me to tell how ever many followers he has that someone new is asking him about hos night out.

    What sort of response is that? That is what I would consider being very anti-social. If you are in a real life situation, should that not take precedence over 1000 twitterers, who potentially are talking to another different 1000 twitterers, of which you are only 1?

    Social? I think not. Just my 2 cents.

  • http://the-second-half-of-my-life.com/ Marion Anderson

    I would tend to agree with your post. OK – I don’t have an electronic book reader but I do get more involved and am really willing to help out fellow tweeters.

    I wonder if it is easier to network with Twitter. You don’t try to sell to one another you try to do things for others.

    I have met people through Twitter and my blog that I would not have done, so yes – lets hear it for twitter!

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