Twitter Upgrades Follower/Following Relationship Maintenance

    June 19, 2009
    Chris Crum

Twitter is in the process of rolling out "a major performance enhancement" to its system, which deals with how users’ following and follower relationships are maintained.

Followers/FollowingNot many details were given about the enhancement, but in a post on the Twitter Status blog, the company says, "In recent weeks, following and unfollowing actions did not always take effect. As we roll out this change, these past actions will be honored, so you may see small adjustments to your followings and followers."

The enhancement comes soon after Twitter significantly increased its network capacity. Twitter actually postponed this for a day, as a result of the "growing significance of Twitter as a communication and information network," in relation to the events in Iran.

Biz Stone"It’s humbling to think that our two-year old company could be playing such a globally meaningful role that state officials find their way toward highlighting our significance," wrote Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone on the Twitter Blog. "However, it’s important to note that the State Department does not have access to our decision making process. Nevertheless, we can both agree that the open exchange of information is a positive force in the world."

Anyway, if you are looking to organize your followers and followees, you might be interested to know that our own Twellow service has made finding Twitterers of interest easier to find. Mashable also has a nice list of tools that can help you organize your "tweeps."