Twitter Unveils New Following and Followers Pages

New features and updated design... but do you like it?

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Now when you click the Following and Followers links from your Twitter account you’ll notice some major changes. Twitter has upgraded some of the design of the pages and added multiple new features.

What do you think of the new design and features? Tell us.

New Twitter pull down menu

When you click on Following you’ll notice a new pull-down menu which includes several options which include: @ message, unfollow them or send them a direct message. Below is an example of the new Following page in the new expanded view…

Twitter's new "Follow" design

Sidenote: You may also be interested to know that our own Twellow service offers some great features for following other Twitterers of interest. In fact, there are features that frankly are lacking from the new Twitter interface, like the ability to search through your friends and followers. This can be especially convenient when you want to send a specific friend or follower a direct message or a mention. It comes in handy when you can’t remember somebody’s handle.

In addition those new features, When you click on Followers, Twitter now shows you a check mark beside the people who you are reciprocally following.  Like with the page I mentioned above you can @ message, direct message, follow (if your not doing so already) and the option to block. Below is an example of the new Followers page with the list view…

Twitter's new "Followers" page

It should be noted that these features aren’t just available on your profile, but on any profile you visit.

Don’t worry, if your not a fan of the new expanded view (based on the comments below, most of you don’t like it) you can always choose the list view which is very similar to the former layout.

Below is a snippet from the official Twitter blog about the upgrade…

"Instead of a basic list, there are now actions you can perform that provide a better overall experience. For example, you can turn on SMS, unfollow, mention, block, direct message, and more."

With these new changes and updates was there any real value added to the pages? I’ve talked to a few people and most feel the changes don’t really bring anything better to the table. Some have even said they’ll start using 3rd party apps to manage follows/unfollows.

What are your thoughts on the new changes? Tell us.

Twitter Unveils New Following and Followers Pages
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  • Guest

    it’s about time twitter made the followers/following pages a bit easier to use, they were almost unbearable to look at.

  • http://www.blogspot.com Jacob Harrison

    Some of these new features aren’t too good for a few of those 3rd party apps.

    Curious to see what some of them will do now.

    Jacob Harrison

  • http://sashen.com GuestI

    It’s now ridiculously hard to look at the list of people following you and un-follow the ones who aren’t following you back.

    Plus, the icons in list view are SO small that they’re useless… and having the follow button on the opposite side of the screen from the avatar/name adds an extra layer of thinking/tracking that makes following much slower.12

  • http://inchoo.net Toni Anicic

    I don’t like it. It’s to hard to see who’s following me back right now which makes me work a lot more -.-

  • http://www.lornepike.com Lorne Pike

    I’ll take a while to get used to the new functionality before making any comment. Things that seem useless at first often end up being very valuable once I get to know them. (Remember that, all of you who are first meeting me!)

    I will say though that it would be nice if they darkened the gray font used for each tweep’s profile text in the Follower and Following lists. Surely there must be someone in Twitter with less-than-perfect eyesight!

    • Jeremy Muncy

      By reading through these comments and various Tweets… many people would like the font darker.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • http://www.blogger.com Karen Sarsguard

    I don’t like the new changes. Stuff is too hard to read and located in annoying drop downs.

  • Guest

    Your post reports that the new following page features include a check to indicate those users who follow you reciprocally. This is either an error or the feature has yet to appear on my following page. Please clarify. This feature is not mentioned on the twitter blog.

    • Todd Giza

      You read it wrong.

      The post says the check is shown on the Follwers page… not the following page.

      Read throughly before you comment.

    • http://www.blogspot.com Skype Fan

      you read the article wrong, it’s on the followers page not the following page.

  • Jeremy Muncy

    Anyone else wish they would’ve added a “Re-Tweet” feature during this upgrade?

    Do you think Twitter will ever add Re-Tweet?

    Jeremy Muncy
    Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

    • http://www.havocmarketing.com/ Havoc Marketing

      I agree with you. They should have added a Re-Tweet button too. I think they’ll do it soon.

  • Guest

    On the new Following page, there is a little clock icon with ‘pending’-cancel by one my followers…anyone know what this means?

  • http://www.chibsmiley.com ChibSmiley

    Wow i love the new design and it is kick ass man.

  • http://www.cannabag.com TR

    Can’t tell who’s following back! Use to be able to easily see the Direct Message tag.

  • http://www.tattooaddicted.com/ addicted

    i still dont get it why twitter so useful

    • http://www.silver-artz.co.uk Silver Artz online Jewellery and Gifts

      If you tweet on twitter you also get noticed more by search engines. Google likes Twitter and you can pick up valuable links by tweeting your website or business.

  • http://busstoped.blogspot.com chris

    Retweet would be very useful in there.And yes i do not like the drop down menus

  • http://www.badqual.org Zabe Sangary

    what is big deal about Twitter is not any different from Facbook?
    and you can make money with both if you like.

  • http://twitter.com/lacenit Guest

    I like the new interface because I dont have to search long to get to the place I was searching for. For those who have recently joined twitter and never quite got the hand of the old interface, this new one is great. It works more like the other social networking easy to use systems which makes is perfect for me because im used to the others anyway. I noticed the change the other day and its made things a lot easier and fun for me.

  • http://prativad.com Deepak

    its really a good information…

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    I mainly use Twitter to socially market my safety and security web site so I’m on there quite often. I did notice the change and seem to like it so far. Thanks, Jeremy!

  • http://www.udjuni.com/learningcontent Guest

    You can always use twellow to check those you are following but do not follow you and the other way around.

  • http://www.the-earchives.com earchives

    I agree with some of the comments above– I now spend at least 300% more time manually unfollowing those who don’t follow me. While some 3rd-party services like Huitter now make mass unfollowing easier, it would be nice if this were easier to do within the native Twitter interface. As it is now, it’s an exercise in frustration and tedium.

  • http://arichcopywriter.com Alex

    Twitter is a dynamic and useful tool for everything from casual social networking (it beats all comers in this category) or marketing.

    Even though it can be cumbersome and frustrating in regard to making it through one’s learning curve, it’s a hands-down huge winner for any savvy Internet marketer.

    My one growing problem with Twitter, it’s digital heroin and will absorb your every waking hour before you realize you’re hooked.

    Be Warned!


  • http://www.musemanfiestingkit.com Maria

    I actually had to log on to twitter to see what all the hupla was about. I use Twitter all the time but I rarely access it though their actual site. I use PeopleBrowr which is much more user friendly and full of features that really help me organize my tweets.

    Thanks for the info though….could be useful in the future.


  • http://www.silver-artz.co.uk Lesley

    I love the new expanded Twitter and find it so much more user friendly. It is so much easier now that you can actually click on a new follower and action a mention in order to thank them for the follow. Makes life a lot easier for me as I like to thank all new followers personally.

  • Guest

    Twitter is dead. It’s been killed by the bots that spew a flood of adds and affiliate links.

    People think they are so smart to set up an account and then “automate” their account with a stream of affiliate link ads or a news feed. Then they never log on, hire a service to get “followers” who are nothing more than alphabet soup user names created by the service selling the followers, or other bots.

    Would you watch a TV station that broadcast nothing but commercials?

    Yet, that’s what the Internet marketing entrepreneur geniuses are selling.

    So Twitter is dead. Nothing but bots flooding other bots, crowding out the people.

    RIP, Twitter

    • http://PrestigiousProfits.com Guest

      I think that your thoughts are incredibly correct and maybe a little understated. You think we could include a couple of curse words in the description of the current status of Twitter. Okay we could say something like Twitter is BULLS#!T. That could be too bold, huh.

  • http://www.babona.com/index.php zaid

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  • http://Threads.ecrater.com Former twitterer

    a great tool, if I didn’t get bored with twitter a long time ago! lol :D

    it’s too time consuming and it’s SUMMER, we need to be outside enjoying all of the fun things going on, like the 40th anniversay of 1969 WOODSTOCK, bohemian hippie revival parties and rainbow gatherings! :D

  • Guest

    It,s very good that you,re writting on this topic, just two days ago i,ve asked twitter why the list of my Following people is not displaying all of them but just a few and how can i see them all, their answer was bit delayed and they point me again to their help pages where this issue is, at least for me, invisible. So do you know how can i see all of the Following profils? Thx–

  • http://wsisoutheast.com Internet marketing in Virginia

    I think Twitter is starting to mature. But you know what that means. It’s going to face the inevitable difficulties all social media giants face. Monetization, upgrades, public scrutiny…. I can’t wait to see how this turns out….

  • http://www.krisolin.com Kris Olin

    I reckon the new layout is quite handy. You can Dm or @ reply to people as well as some other functions.

  • christopher

    TweetAdder allows you to find people who share common interests with you or within a certain location. But remember, use it wisely, this is not a spam bot tool! It will help you search for targeted readers, customers or partners, and even manage common manual tasks like unfollow, pre tweet messages, etc.


  • http://almoallem.net hussain

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  • http://blogautoposter.free.fr/blog Giovanni Farotto

    I absolutely preferred the prevoius page.
    Morover I noticed they reduced a lot the number of people you can follow per day.
    Anybody noted the same?

  • http://haiseb.blogspot.com haiseb

    And word are entering the world
    welcome again.

  • http://www.inmilano.com Guest

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  • http://www.myfountaindesigns.com/ Sandara Blanton

    can’t give an opinion, other than it sucks! It DOES NOT WORK ON MY TWITTER ACCOUNT!

  • http://almoallem.net/ http://almoallem.net/

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  • http://www.rothtsteinjewelers.com RothsteinJewelry of Beverly Hills

    a RIDICULOUS ROYAL PAIN to have to click on each little icon to see the DM envelope!! It was great when we could read the WORDS
    “Direct Message” out in the open, and quickly Unfollow them, or even Follow other people’s followers.
    Really, how hard is it to copy and paste for the RT or simply click an arrow to Reply or say D:
    It takes me forever to now look thru 7000 tweeps.
    I resent the extra labor and infringement on my time.
    ~Janet @RothsteinJewlry

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