Twitter “Tweets From Strangers” Problem Persists

    December 9, 2009

The good news, in terms of Twitter’s performance and reliability, is that the fail whale hasn’t made an appearance today.  The bad is that random people’s tweets are showing up in the timelines of non-followers, and employees may not have much of an idea why.

Twitter LogoA post addressing this matter popped up in the Known Issues section of the Twitter Support site, and in it, a representative started by asking people to check that the unwanted messages aren’t just retweets following the new format.

He then went on a bit of a fishing expedition, continuing, "We would greatly appreciate information about your situation if you are affected by this issue."  And although a full 12 pages of examples have since been provided, a resolution doesn’t seem imminent, with more appearing on a regular basis and no update in sight.

It’s been said before, and now needs to be said again: this sort of thing is just embarrassing.  Twitter’s been around for long enough (and received plenty of money, too) that problems shouldn’t crop up so often.  Incidents like this annoy individual users and probably scare businesses.

Ah, well.  As always, we’ll see what happens.

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