Twitter Throws Economy A Surprising Bone

    November 4, 2008

Until somewhat recently, Twitter’s site seemed reluctant to stay in working order.  The company still lacks an identifiable business plan.  And the economy as a whole has been imitating the current president’s approval rating.  But an encouraging new email hints that at least one small job market might be all right, after all.

In an email sent to some Twitter members, cofounder Biz Stone wrote, "Things are moving as fast as ever and we’re growing six ways from Sunday.  In fact, we’re hoping to hire for a bunch of new positions.  If you or someone you know wants to work at a small company with a bright future then by all means, check out our jobs page."

Twitter Hiring
 Open Positions At Twitter

A glance at the page shows 10 ten open positions, all of which are in San Francisco.  Since Stone went on to talk about a meeting in Massachusetts (and used the word "bunch"), it seems reasonable to suspect that there are even more.

Caroline McCarthy notes as a result, "[P]utting out a big ‘we’re hiring’ e-mail is an important message for a small start-up that’s high on buzz and low on revenues these days.  Loads of Silicon Valley once-hyped start-ups have laid off employees or instituted hiring freezes, so it’s a big deal when one comes out and says it’s actively seeking new employees."

If any of you wind up sending in a resume, we wish you good luck.