Twitter Puts Greater Emphasis on Photos in Embedded Tweets

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Twitter has just made an update to the way embedded tweets with photos look on websites, and the goal is to "put the photo front and center, with a bigger and bold visual focus on the media."

Until today, embedded tweets that contained photos would appear with the actual text of the tweet on top, with the attached photo displayed under the text. Now, Twitter has moved the photos to the top and extended them to reach all the way across the tweet. Like this:

As you can see, the focus is now on the photo itself, not the text of the tweet. This change is retroactive, meaning that all tweets that are embedded on old articles around the web sport this new look.

The expanded look now appears for both photos in landscape and portrait orientation.

This is the third significant update Twitter has released this week. Earlier, they launched a new opt-in alert system for emergenies and also rolled out new recommendations for who to follow on the network.

Image via Twitter

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