Twitter Most Linked to Social Site in Email Marketing

Email Research Firm Says Now Linked to More than Facebook

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According to Email Data Source, Twitter has become the most linked to social media outlet in email marketing campaigns. Email Data Source collects, analyzes, organizes, and archives millions of marketing messages to provide competitive intelligence and analytics to the email marketing community.

"In the data Email Data Source has been tracking, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of email marketing campaigns that contain links to Facebook and Twitter," says Bill McCloskey, chairman and co-founder of Email Data Source. "In fact, starting in 2009 twitter.com and facebook.com have become the two most prominent linked to sites in all of email marketing."

So far this year, the number of campaigns with Twitter links has grown to 41,399 (with 41,052 for Facebook) according to the firm. Twitter officially passed Facebook in this regard back in March, they say.

"Since March, Twitter has continued to dominate the email marketplace by being the most prominently linked to website, and the gap between Twitter and Facebook has grown," says Email Data Source. "In June, Twitter was linked to in 9,506 campaigns and Facebook was linked to in 8,636 campaigns."

Those numbers are tremendously higher than they were a couple years ago as you might imagine. The first email campaign with a link to Twitter that was tracked by the firm was back in 2007, and for that entire year, there were 215 email marketing campaigns that linked to it. There were 729 linking to Facebook.


Twitter Most Linked to Social Site in Email Marketing
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  • http://www.glass-dildos.org glass

    How do we benifit from the twitter email marketing. Is there somewhere we can learn about it?

    • Omagod Designs

      I would suggest that the Twitter links referenced in te email campaigns relate to invitations to follow me on Twitter. Once you have someone following you, you have a captured audience.

      The trick is then keeping them by posting Tweets that are relavent to your followers and help develop your brand and provide a mechanism to engage with your customer or prospective customers.

      It’s all around finding another means of accessing your addressable market and some companies do this very well.

      Are you getting the most from Social Media?

    • Ben

      I want to know how to set up twitter for my business marketing

  • dw malo

    Can anyone point me to some good (or not good) examples of Twitter links in emails?

    • http://www.richdirtygirl.com Laura MIller

      Hey there!

      it is pretty simple actually, the links go to the profiles asking people to follow the sender.

      Perry Belcher rebuilt his business from zero to six figures using mainly Twitter and other social media in about 2 years.

      He has become one of the main authorities in the subject and he has been pushing hard a whole strategy based on Twitter.

      The main idea is to use Twitter as destination from any possible media: blogs, other social media, email and even stationary.

      Hope it helps,
      Laura :)

  • http://www.piercedandmodified.co.uk Belly Bars

    Twitter seems to be all we hear about these days.

    I still can’t quite understand what you’re supposed to do with it, but then I’ve always been totally techo-phobic.

    I guess it’s time to sign up and find out..

  • http://www.giftys.com Giftys

    This is not surprising due to all the press Twitter gets on the news these days and the fact that even newscasters themselves are broadcasting Twitter aggressively.

    It’s interesting to see how Twitter has surpassed FB in the charts.

  • http://www.homesolarpowersystems.org Home Solar Power Systems

    From the chart we could see how fast twitter is growing. If twitter grow like this then it would be tough for facebook to compete with them in the future.

  • http://www.profitabletraffik.com/twit.htm Terry

    Twitter vs myspace is the graph i would like to see.Myspace has been the leader in social site marketing for years and now twitter being new took the lead by storm.I think the positve direct interaction with the users is the key here.

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