Twitter Looking For Celebrity Sitter

To be paid in coolness

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Twitter knows which side its bread is buttered and knows that celebrity (and politician) use of the microblogging service are what keeps in the media spotlight. The company is looking to hire a “VIP concierge” to make sure its famous tweeters are taken care of.
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From the sound of it though, compensation is mainly in “I’ve got a really cool job” bragging rights. From the description at Twitter’s job site:

We don’t have a description written for this yet, but the job is to be a "high touch" point of contact at Twitter for the burgeoning number of celebrities on the service. We want to make sure they’re happy, using the product effectively, etc. This person is probably pretty junior (it won’t pay a lot) but hopefully familiar with working with "Hollywood types."….

Obviously this is a very sweet gig for someone. The challenge will be finding someone who is good at the schmoozing but also humble and a fit with our culture.

And willing to work for peanuts in San Francisco. 

Twitter has attracted celebrities of all stripes, from musicians and actors to TV journalists and politicians. As a one-to-many communication device, it provides a convenient way to connect more personally with a fan base. It’s not good news for everybody; John Mayer’s tweeting in lieu of calling his girlfriend reportedly didn’t sit so well with Jennifer Aniston.

Following a celebrity doesn’t always get a fan what they’re looking for, though. In addition to rampant posers—the latest is a twenty-something Midwestern man posing as Lindsay Lohan’s mother—another recent hiring trend reveals celebrities are hiring ghost tweeters. 


Twitter Looking For Celebrity Sitter
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  • http://www.besthomeimprovementprojects.com Samuel

    Twitter is becoming popular day by day especially to the celebrities. It is very disappointing to fans out there that celebrities are hiring ghost tweeters for them.

  • Guest

    For more than a month now anyone who try’s to join twitter and put up a profile pic or background pic is out of luck. Twitter has an automatic response when you place a ticket with them sure, it acknowledges the glitch but has done nothing to fix it. Here we are more than a month later with no change. People join twitter to also post, many more are professionals in their field who need to be photo ID to avoid the squatters that pretend to be you. I find it interesting that any of the big name celebs who have joined in the last month have had no problem with their pic but the rest of us slobs get nothing. There are hundreds of posts on twitter from new members about this. We all have been ignored. Many in my profession and just about everyone on the posted complaint list on twitter are looking elsewhere for a more reliable network like twitter.

    We can’t wait.

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