Twitter is Being Anti-Social

Good luck with that new account Twitter-Noobs

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I have had my ups and downs with Twitter to be sure. In my line of work however, Twitter has become one of those things that you really can’t ignore, so I’m good with it.  I like the Tweeting. I consider myself a fan.  As such, I try to spread the good word about Twitter to my non-Twittering friends and associates.

If you have ever tried to explain Twitter to someone, or beyond that, why they should be Twittering, you probably understand that it’s not the easiest thing to communicate. But I try.  I talk the talk, get people logging in and tweeting and figure whatever Twitter’s addictive ingredient is (I can’t put my finger on it) will take effect and a new Twitter-phile will soon emerge.

The problem I’m running into lately though, is Twitter itself.  Oddly enough, I’m having people come back to me a few days after I get them all set up and tweeting talking about how their account has been suspended for suspicious activity. This is happening way too much for me to think it’s just some isolated incident at this point.

Now, I know Twitter is trying to keep Twitter from descending into a full blown spam cesspool (i.e. MySpace).  I understand that they probably don’t like seeing articles and Nielsen graphs about poor retention rates.  But… guys, c’mon.  Here’s a ‘for instance’ for you.

A couple of weeks ago, I started banging the Twitter drum here in the office to one of our new staff people.  I believe it was a Wednesday afternoon.  I gave her the walk thru, we uploaded a pic for her profile, customized her page, found something interesting to tweet… the whole 9 yards.  She found and followed a few friends and everything was cool.

But it wasn’t cool.  4 days later, she goes to log in and play with Twitter a little more and what does she get? A big fat ‘Suspended for suspicious activity’ message on her account.  

Mosey Owl Suspicious activity?  Really?  

Here are her stats – 3 followers, following 7, 1 update  — and 4 days later the account is suspended. She contacted them via the email address in the notice of course, but it’s been a full week now and still no lift of the suspension.

So, I got nothing…  completely makes no sense to me. I can’t imagine Twitter is intentionally over-suspending accounts because they are so preoccupied with retention rates.  If they are, well, that’s just beyond dumb.  It borders on full frontal stupidity to be honest – regardless of the rationale.  

Sure you want nice retention rates, but you know what’s more important than that?  New users.  If the new users actually do something wrong once they are in, then sure, suspend away.  But taking some kind of scorched earth/soup nazi stance on new accounts is probably not the best policy.

The community will deal with the spammers. They will be super easy to pick out after a few weeks when they are following 3,000 and followed by 50.  if you spam my Twitter feed, I just unfollow you.  It’s real easy.  Twitter shouldn’t be overly concerned with this.  It’s a waste of their time – particularly when there are sooo many other cool things they could be focused on to improve about/add to Twitter.

Twitter is certainly popular and becoming more and more known but ‘knowing about’ Twitter and having a Twitter account are not the same thing.  If they don’t get their act together a little bit, for a lot of people, it never will be.  You should never make it hard to become a part of your social media site.  That’s anti-social.

So we’ll see.  Maybe there’s a glitch, maybe there’s an error – I’m sure they will have some kind of excuse, but as it stands @AliKayOrd still has the little ‘mosey along’ owl. After sending them a polite ‘wtf’ email a full 7 days ago. She’ll continue to wait and try to get her access back, but how many people wouldn’t? Tsk, tsk, tsk Twitter.

I submitted this article before I went to lunch and Ali’s account was restored before I got back.  So, kudos to the Twitter folk for at least keeping tabs on this sort of thing (at least when WebProNews pubs an article giving them a hard time about it).  Unfortunately I can’t do an article for everybody that this happens to, but maybe if you leave your @address in a comment, they will get you fixed too…

Twitter is Being Anti-Social
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  • http://www.spec-india.com Venkatesh Pai

    Thanks For Sharing such a nice information and making aware.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Adam

    Twitter’s not something that’s ever really appealed to me – I don’t really get its purpose. Perhaps reading about someone famous’s life would be interesting but I’d never post stuff about myself in that way.

  • http://www.customercommunicationscommunity.com Jules

    Yet i know others who do commit ‘suspicious activity’ and seem to get away with it. Twitter needs to look after its customers better if this is happening.

  • http://energyefficienthome.weebly.com Home Energy Efficiency to Save Money

    I don’t understand Twitter a lot of the times. Suspending a brand new Tweeter, that has barely used the account is just plain retarded, and like you said, a complete waste of time. But, what do I know? Nothing. This is what else I don’t get.

    1. I don’t get the people that are following thousands. If any one has the time to REALLY follow and read the tweets from that many people, then they just have way too much time on their hands.

    2. I don’t see the point of following people that Tweet stuff like:
    I just brushed my teeth
    I’m going to the mall
    I’m eating sushi for dinner tonight
    I’m staying in with a video

    Who the hell cares?

    3. What’s the point of having people follow you that have no interest in what you are marketing or doing because all they Tweet about is – read #2 again

    Like I said, I just don’t get it, and I know nothing! It’s probably a blond thing.

  • http://dismarks.com/ Jordan

    Twitter is becoming increasingly un-sticky. I think a lot of people just don’t see the appeal and I can’t say I blame them. I think it may be at about the market penetration that makes the most sense. I think they’re just coming to the realization that Twitter “isn’t for everyone.”

  • http://www.speakersite.com/profile/catherinewhite The Divine Miss White


  • http://kanthaidecor.com Guest

    I joined twitter and linked them to my site…Honestly I am not sure I see where it has done anything for me.I will keep it awhile longer but I may decide soon it is not worth my time and remove them.

  • http://saturdaysails.blogspot.com/ Guest

    I’m new to Twitter. Still not sure I “get” it. I appreciate your comments though. A good “heads up”.

    I’m hoping to use Twitter to promote my blog (http://saturdaysails.blogspot.com/) , where I’m writing (primarily – there is the occasional divergence) about what I’ve learned/am learning in quilting and eBay (not to mention blogging and AdSense!). Been at both only a couple of years. And I’m trying out AdSense to help support my “habit”/hobby 😉 (If anyone reading visits, please click on interesting ads.)

    I make quilt tops, quilt top kits and quilt patterns. There’s a slide show on my blog.

    eBay Seller ID: unklbrent

  • http://www.y4upeople.com Michelle

    I join twitter on May 28th and already got My account Suspended ! I still have no Idea deal why I e-mail them and close case with no answer Why !
    After reading about all the different people getting suspended without cause, make feel twitter isn’t a very good ! I don’t know if Its the people they hired to the suspending or they just don’t know what they doing1

    I feel alot of people are getting suspend for no reason ! I really doesn’t look good for twitter .

  • http://smokejumping.wordpress.com/ @smokejumper


    Thanks for the post – not that I’m pleased but there is some comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in my experiences. My account was suspended inexplicably for 2+ days with no explanation (at the time from Twitter). Check out 2 of my blog posts for more details: http://smokejumping.wordpress.com/2009/06/01/twitter-deems-me-worthy-im-baaaaack/

    Brent (@smokejumper)

  • http://inchoo.net Toni Anicic

    I’ve also lost one of my twitter accounts (thy personal one) with no apparent reason. No response form twitter support for over two weeks now. -.-

  • http://www.telesalesmagic.com Telesales Tips

    Thank you so much for sharing this to us.

  • http://www.rock-star.com Rock Star

    Twitter is becoming increasingly un-sticky. I think a lot of people just don’t see the appeal and I can’t say I blame them. I think it may be at about the market penetration that makes the most sense. I think they’re just coming to the realization that Twitter “isn’t for everyone.”

  • Kim

    What is with all the little digs to MySpace showing up in WebProNews articles lately? I’ve been on MySpace since 2004 and have rarely had any spam issues.
    Another recent article by another author talking about Facebook made a passing comment about fixing what wasn’t broken as compared to MySpace which never worked. I use MySpace for business, collecting and distributing information about our local entertainment scene. MySpace is many times more useful for that than Facebook or Twitter particularly in collecting information.
    I really love WebProNews, but these little remarks take away from the articles and make me question the writer’s objectivity.

  • http://www.FoReally.com Eric Calisto

    Right after I read this article, I went to my twitter account, @ericcalisto and oddly enough, it was suspended. Please help me get it back. I had 830 followers and I was following 240. What’s wrong with that?

  • http://gardendecor.boomja.com Guest

    I think there may be a twitter virus going on right now. Starting in May, I have had someone following me over and over with the same name, but different twitter screen name. I just caught it only because I just reached the 2,000 mark of people I am following and twitter has shut me off from following any more people. I went into my account and unfollowed all of them, but they are back again. I think it is a way to possibly get me banned from twitter. Anybody else having this problem?

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