Twitter Investor Talks About Possible Google Deal

So Does Google CEO Eric Schmidt

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Update 2: In Google’s earnings call, CEO Eric Schmidt is quoted as saying:

"Without commenting specifically about Twitter … you could imagine that … it could be a channel for product information, marketing information, real-time information for which you can hang advertising products, whether it’s a text ad or a video ad or so forth off of it … It strikes me that’s a logical strategy for them to pursue and something that we would be very happy to pursue with them and all other players in that space.” (via SIA)

Also, apparrently the "big day" was in reference to Ashton Kutcher breaking 1 million followers and going on Oprah.

Update: Now Twitter CEO Evan Williams has posted a very curious Tweet:

Evan Williams Tweet

Related? (via SIA)

Original article: Rumors and wishful thinking about Google buying Twitter are pretty much commonplace these days. Last week, TechCrunch got the buzz going in its latest round implying that the 2 companies were in late stage acquisition talks, but that was eventually dismissed as false.

It was revealed a short time later however, that Twitter was talking to both Google and Microsoft about possible advertising deals, the product of which we have yet to see.

Fred Wilson of Union Square VenturesThe New York Times talked to Twitter investor Fred Wilson. "Mr. Wilson could not rule out an acquisition, conceding that ‘money has a powerful impact on people’ and that despite the Twitter co-founders’ desire to build a big company, they also have to answer to investors and employees," reports Times interviewer Claire Cain Miller.

Other things Wilson said though are interesting in their own right. He says the most important thing for Twitter as far as metrics, is the "tweet view." This is anytime a tweet is viewed (in case you couldn’t figure that out) – but that goes for Tweets viewed from anywhere – twitter.com, Facebook, or any other apps.

"So, a partnership with Google or Microsoft, for example, could increase Twitter’s tweet views while also providing the bigger companies with a real-time stream of messages relevant to their audiences," writes Miller. Another partner from Wilson’s firm likens the concept to past partnerships between Google and companies like AOL and Yahoo in Google’s early days.

So acquisition or no acquisition, there are Twitter/Google or Twitter/Microsoft real-time search possibilities. It’s going to be quite interesting to see where this all leads.


Twitter Investor Talks About Possible Google Deal
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  • http://bizzyblogz.biz tmobil8

    Tweet Tweet!

    Sounds like a good deal if you have a google ads sence account :-)

    Thanks for the updates.

    Best Regards
    Thomas Richmond

  • http://www.catte-ramp-services.com Web Site Services

    while i admire google for its avantguarde approach to everything and its never ending creative developments, do they really need to own everything? reminds me of microsoft :-(

  • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham Maged

    In case the partnership happended, I think Twitter will be differ than we used to. The growth of the network, the ‘million followers trend’, and all this stuff means a lot of resources like bandwidth, servers, etc

    On the other hand, think about this as Google’s approach to social media; why they built a new one while they can partner with already existing one? Remeber “blogspot’ and how they aqquire it in the 1990’s?

  • http://www.horozima.com Horozima

    Yes,Google has an excellent history to acquire some popular platforms in the world wide web . For example Blogger(a popular blog publishing platform) and Youtube(most popular Video sharing site).Twitter,the giant in micro blogging services gaining the popularity across the world and Google may have some interest on this ” What I am doing” site.The advantage of Google is its huge inventory of advertising options and the deal? may benefited to Google as well as Twitter.I am a avid follower of Twiiter and also holds a Google adsence account.So I see some good opportunities for web publishers like me.

    • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham Maged

      Yes Horozima; I also mentioned this in a previous comment, see below!

  • Joseph

    haha , Oh come on….They loose all that money with youtube, and now that want to buy something else that they can not make money from?


    Oh yea, I did say that:

    Twitter will NEVER recoup that $57 million invested……not going to happen……..

    Bookmark my response and then My man, Jay-Son, can do an update in a year when “twitter” is in the “shitter”


    • http://www.foundticket.com Guest

      If they have the advertisers pay per impression on their advertising the value could be very substantial to recoup possibly more than has been invested.

      Live video, games and more is in the future so the investment is minimal to what can be attained. If done the right way the investment could be recouped in 2 months.

      I would like to see Twitter make everyone Shiver to bring it to the next level. So time to kick some innovative A@@ 😉

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/IamChrisLang Chris Lang

      I don’t want to make any enemies here…..

      But you have NO IDEA what you are talking about.

  • http://poseidonprofit.blogspot.com Poseidon SEO, SEM, SMO

    Who knows whether it’d be a good or a bad idea to sell Twitter.

    Only time will tells.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • http://dmsoft-wy.com Guest

    Google has screwed up everything they have tinkered with. Right now they are too big for their britches and have lost the concept of basic customer service. Their technical support has been relegated to forums where we have to rely on each other for support rather than a professional from Google. I really think Google should just retreat back to it’s roots and remember where they came from and who their customers are first before they attempt to grow the business further.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/IamChrisLang Chris Lang

      After being on the phone for 3 hours with Microsoft customer service you cannot say simply answering the phone has any better affect.

      I would be happier going to a Google group than the BS I experienced from Microsoft. 3 hours of my life I will never get back.

      Besides who wants to talk to somebody in India reading from a script? I would rather get an answer from another Google user.

      Got a question about Google Friend Connect? Post it on the Google GFC group and you will get the right answer solving your problem the next day, from me.

      And I even speak english and you don’t have to be on the phone for three hours.

  • http://www.riaanimereview.com ria

    I agree with the guest above who said that google needs to get back to putting the customer first. I used adwords for a hot second and I didn’t like it at all. I had a problem, and needed some help, but there’s no phone number for me to call, and you’re telling me I have to go to a forum to get my questions answered? And then they send me an e-mail asking me how they can improve their services. Don’t worry, I gave them a piece of my mind. Yahoo has excellent customer service where they actually have a phone number,and people actually pick up the phone.

    • Joseph

      I love yahoo customer service, Too Bad They can’t target their ads ;-( I would use them all the time, but instead I run adsense….

  • http://www.conference-coordinator.com Conference Coordinator

    It makes sense in respect of preventing someone else buying it perhaps and then coming up with that golden egg idea that monetises it seamlessly. At least yet another branding tool also.

    • Guest

      That sounds to me like a typical argument of cowboy capitalism. There is no value added in this, neither for Google shareholders nor for users nor for advertisers.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com/hiddencameras Official Safety and Security

    I use both Twitter and Google for my safety and security web site and have been pleased with both. I guess time will tell if this aquisition will happen. Thanks, Chris, for this information.

  • http://patriciawhyte.blogspot.com PW

    Do it Google! I use Twitter and at times it is slow to load etc. There will be an improvement, I’m sure, if Google buys. I am a Blogger fan and have absolutely no complaints with that service at all.

    • http://googlingsocial.com Chris Lang

      Twitter would definitely benefit from the extreme server resources that Google has. Not to mention scaling the code so it does not run into overload when it is at peak use.

      One reason Twitter is slow is they changed lead programmers mis stream. There is a lot of blame flying in that scenario, but bottom line, Twitter needs scalable datacenters and enterprise level coding to bring performance up.

      They would be better off to write the code in C and make it part of the low level code. That is how Google is written, not in a scripting language.

  • http://www.alanya-site.com Bryan

    No. Google is already too big and seems to have lost its original direction. Acquiring more money and greater power seems to be winning over talent and discovery.

    • twilight

      thats because its all about money these days. Nothing else matters but having the most money. 😛

  • http://www.leatherbeltstore.com Guest

    I think Twitter needs to remain independent. Web 2.0 is on the way up and it is the new search.

  • http://www.foundticket.com FoundTicket

    Google should buy Twitter and use their resources to become one the #1 social networks on the internet.

    Google would have the power to bring Twitter to its next level the current owners cannot.

    • twilight

      either that or they’ll have the power to tank twitter. Just because a big corp. buys out a smaller business, doesn’t mean its going to do any better than before hand.

  • http://www.medlawplus.com jjray

    Twitter has been twiddling its thumbs over advertising since it’s inception. Why? You know the old saying: if can’t sh!t, get off the pot. If twitter cannot create its own advertising system, use google’s for the time being. Money is going out the door in lost opportunity cost each quarter that they delay. Google could be a temporary stopgap while they develop their own ad serving system or it could be long-term solution. Hey twitter, it’s OK to outsource.

  • http://www.lucking.homecall.co.uk/Don_Luckings_deutsches_sammelalbum_Page_5.htm Guest

    Google should remain Google and let someone else twitter.
    In my opinion Twitter is a passing fad.

    • http://www.bulgarianbuildingsupplies.com Englishexpat

      Yes I aggree, I beleive that Twitter is just a passing Fad.
      I am a member of Twitter because its just something when ive got a spare few minutes to do.. otherwise I find its a bit boring, dont think that Google would make it any better?

  • http://www.itele.es Jay

    First I have nothing against Google. I have nothing bit praise for them, and if I ruled the world (Google) I like to think I would be as impartial, honest and helpful to the world as they have.
    Twitter is a great little application that has flourished, I would rather we all gave Twitter 2 or 3 dollars a year membership. I think that would be more than enough to reward its founders well, as they deserve to be. It would also have a little something for light future development, it doesn’t need to have a lot done to it. It does what it does well. Si an independent Twitter gets my vote.
    If it’s a case of sell or die, then I think Google are the best placed to do the job.
    I just like lots of little independent projects, all working to the same end.

  • http://EarnCashSleeping.ws James Mac

    If they do purchase it I hope that it stays the same.

    James Mac

    • twilight

      dude, are you kidding, none of these big companies knows how to keep anything the same!

      Facebook used to be the best, but now they’ve got all kinds of complications because they didn’t know how to keep it the same. none of these companies follow by the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

      Trust me, it will no longer be user friendly anymore. just like facebook is becoming less and less user friendly

  • http://myspace.com/mimimiyagi Mimi Miyagi

    They are both simple and the colors match. LOL.

  • http://docmurdock.com Michael Murdock

    Twitter should not sell out to google. If they do, I can imagine that many people will leave twitter as not wanting to be tied to yet another google product. Google’s nice, but it’s not 100% reliable either and still has service outages like other services. ALTHOUGH…it might be fun to see the two play together, maybe twitter could license access to google…that would be good for a nice shot in the bank account for twitter:)

  • http://websearchmaven.com seach blogger

    Yea it will probably end up being sold to Google. Its the hottest thing out there and Google is waiting for the financial crisis to ease up a bit. the n the sale will go down

  • http://www.patrickmcmurray.com Patrick McMurray

    The advent of internet has flattened the world, we are freed from the confines imposed by protectionist societies, add search engine technologies and social media and you have a revolution, the free information revolution. Just like the industrial revolution, it will go into the history text books for schools of the future. And our very distant future generations will be reading about the free information revolution not really being able to relate to it, because it will be archaic. Where does it all end? Twitter.

  • http://freie-meinung.org Andreas

    what exactly is the background? i think it will not be good for the webmaster if google buys

    • http://www.twisterofglory.com jesus medina torres

      cource Google will benefit out by get united with graet business as twitter world advatage ,act fast and getting action fast best business is critical to let go?

  • http://www.playingcardsandmore.com tk

    good for who is the question?

  • http://www.kmpfurniture.com Furniture

    The right questioon, Is good for twitter to be owned by google?

    • http://www.mercadeoporinternet.com rafael Montilla

      I feel, it is not good.

  • http://www.a-lingerie.com SLK

    Google will eventually own everything and everybody, goddamnit! I’m gonna go get some Tweeter stocks. Google is about to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

  • http://www.abundantace.com/link/?r=2 ace

    This news is not good. I am so sick of corporations taking over everything. There has to be independent businesses. This is why “customer service” is shoddy. Don’t take on everything. This is how focus is lost.

  • http://www.punjabisongs.us/ Punjabi Songs

    Yahoo is the best google is the :(

  • Guest

    Google has lost control between a advertiser service and a service for the people. they have follwed suit and fell into the trap of marketer to sell anything and snipit placement. those of us who have been on the web way before google was even born. Sorry to say this but google doesnt need to become a yahoo but a service far better for the people and not the advertiser roll they are playing now To be honest my trust in google has VASTLY DEcreased in thier abilty to become a peoples choice web company I used to be proud of google, being from the area, but now I have no choice as to not to care for them at all Hopefully google will take off the blinders they have on from there BEAN COUNTERS to a company that is what they started to be at the start not the direction they are going now
    google has effected our web presence and has Well just screwed up as a business owner I would not touch them with a 10 foot pole no matter what they bought at this time until they change I will not change my mind until they stop being street walkers for a buck

  • http://thegrandfurniture.com/ grandfurniture

    Totally agree with ace’s suggestion that This news is not good. I am so sick of corporations taking over everything. There has to be independent businesses. This is why “customer service” is shoddy. Don’t take on everything. This is how focus is lost…..

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