Twitter Hires User Experience Architect From Digg

    September 28, 2009

People who have been complaining that Twitter’s site needs an overhaul should pay attention.  Twitter’s added someone to its design team, and Mark Trammell, who will start one week from today, hails most recently from Digg.

Some of you may not be jumping up and down right now; it’s true that Digg, while functional, isn’t exactly a thing of beauty.  So here’s an important distinction Trammell made in the blog post announcing his move: "I’ll be starting a new job with the design team at Twitter building a user research program" (emphasis ours).

It may be that you’ll have the chance to say what you want to see, then.  Or at least, he might be able to get the site to remain functional more often.

Next, there’s Trammell’s impressive employment history to consider.  He’s spent most of two years at Digg, and before that, worked at PayPal.  He held a position at the University of Florida for a considerable length of time, and also once handled public affairs for the U.S. Navy.  Not many folks have resumes like that.

We’ll see what happens.  Hat tip goes to MG Siegler.