Twitter Heats Up With Brazilian Malware

    August 5, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Criminals placed a profile on Twitter linked to a video that delivers multiple Trojans seeking banking information from the machines they infect.

The simplest schemes work, which is why online thieves try them again and again. Create a Twitter profile, drop a link to a sex video into the Twitter stream, and wait for people to click it and accept the Trojan download.

As security vendor Kaspersky Lab noted, this latest effort brings ten banker Trojans onto a machine. The malware pretends to be an update to Adobe’s Flash Player, and the Trojans masquerade as MP3 files.

Unless one’s PC contains an updated antivirus program, their next visit to a banking site affected by these Trojans will be compromised, with their login details sent to the criminals behind the fake Twitter profile.

It isn’t the first time someone has tried to capitalize on Twitter’s success with this kind of attack. Kaspersky said they have seen these used successfully since the end of 2007.

“This technique does not require any serious programming skills