Twitter Hands Out Big Ass Trophy to Employee

By: Chris Gabbard - April 3, 2012

Charles Magnuson, Support Triage Captain, at Twitter was given the companies prestigious employee of the month trophy today. The trophy appears to be the hindquarters of a donkey, or an ass’ a**, if you will. The nameplate comes with an inscription reading “You Kick Ass!”

On his Twitter page , he tweets enthusiastically about winning the award, though he admits he only got it because his “name was drawn out of a hat.”

That can’t be true. No one would just give away a fine ass trophy like that.

I was given the employee of the month award! 3 hours ago via Diptic on iOS ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Big Ass Trophy

@jmagnuson Thank you! It should be noted that I won the award because my name was drawn out of the hat. :) 3 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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