Twitter Gives Apps Access to People Search

    November 17, 2009
    Chris Crum

Twitter is making it easier for third-party apps to allow users to find other people to follow. On the Twitter API Announcements Google Group, the company announced that they are adding the functionality of Twitter’s "find people" feature to a new API.

"For a while now has had a ‘Find People’ button that allows  users to search for other people to follow. Starting today we’re  exposing that functionality over the API as well — take a look at the  new endpoint that we’re calling the ‘Find People API,’"  Raffi Krikorian of the Twitter Platform Team. Krikorian points to this page.

Evan Williams tweets about people search API

Of course some Twitter apps (like our own Twellow) are dedicated to helping Twitterers find other people of interest to follow. Twellow lets you browse by topic or location (as well as search) to find people on Twitter who you may be interested in following.

Twitter seems to be taking the concept of making twitterers of interest easier to find more seriously lately. Apart from this new API, Twitter has of course launched the Lists feature, which is great for the discovery of new "tweeps." In addition, it looks like the company is planning on launching a new version of the suggested users list, which will be different for each user, and will be tailored to fit specific interests (this is also similar to a feature Twellow already offers).

How do you find new people to follow? Tell us your preferred method.

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